My first go with regular seeds

I’ve been lucky enough to have three successful grows using ILGM genetics.

This next go around I’m going with ILGM Critical Mass, Brothers Grimm DTC99, and Humboldt Seed’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

The PUDC are regular seeds. The other two are Fem

I’m going to sprout 3 seeds and hope for one female. If I get more, I’ll pick the fastest growing plant.

My questions are these.

  • Does flowering have to be initiated to determine sex?

  • What do others do when it comes to resources? IE; Soil and Nutes. I’d hate to use 21 gallons of Ocean Forest/perlite and the Nutes to flower just to find out I have 3 males.

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I’ve got 17 of these going lol. Best cultivar I’ve had so far. Great genetics and vigorous plant.

Plant has to become sexually mature or ready to flower before you can tell. Generally; male plants produce pollen before females show sex. They also tend to be bigger and more vigorous so gotta grow em until you can tell.

Personally I prefer soilless (Promix HP) and synthetic nutrients. I’m running all of these on Jack’s 3-2-1 in autopots, ebb/flow tray and top-watering (3 different processes lol). I believe a media grower in coco or peat can far exceed yields in soil.

You grow out a regular female plant (as opposed to feminized) and you are going to be amazed at how vigorous the plant is. They’re like a feminized plant on steroids lol.


@Myfriendis410 Here’s my current situation.

I have a 3x3 tent in a walk in closet. Currently growing in FFOF and using FF liquid nutrients. I bought the gallon sizes thinking I’d use them for a while. I’ve decided to use this stuff up in the vegetable garden.

After two grows and the appeal of dry nutrients, I broke down and bought Lotus Nutrients.

I’m redoing my basement and I’m going to build a grow room. With this an autopot set up.
I’m out of town a lot and this will ease the workload for my wife.

I’m thinking of mixing my remaining FFOF with perlite and maybe some coco during this last grow in the closet. First to see how the Lotus nutrients do. Secondly, to get used to the feel of coco and perlite. Thoughts?
What are the benefits of coco and perlite vs Promix HP?

Lastly, So to be clear, I’ll veg until I can tell sex and then initiate flowering?

Up to you when you initiate flower but plant won’t respond until sexually mature.


This will happen sometime after about 6 weeks.

I wouldn’t add more than 10% perlite as you are diluting the soil. FF is pretty well engineered.

Coco or Promix alone require daily watering. Autopots obviate the necessity of doing that.

Either one does a fine job. You do have to amend coco with cal mag as it sequesters both. Flushing periodically is also a good idea. PH is in hydro range. Retains more water than (Promix HP). Is a renewable resource, unlike peat (if that matters to you).

Promix HP is ‘looser’ or ‘airier’ IMO to coco which is beneficial to cannabis roots. PH is intermediate between hydro and soil at 6.0. Fossil resource. Cal mag not necessary unless plant is hungry for it. Way more expensive than coco.

There are some cool automatic watering devices that could do the whole job for you: just have to maintain the rez. I have one somewhere I’ve never taken out of the box haha. All of those require electricity for timer and pump while Autopots are passive gravity-fed.

Hope that helps a bit towards your goal.


You’re a great help. Thank you.

What other watering devices are options?

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I just basically picked one at random haha:


Can I use Promix HP with autopots?

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Set to watching, lots of valuable info here, can’t wait to see what you do!


I’m excited.

I going to drop the seeds in water tomorrow when I get back from being OOT.

I’ll start a journal for this next grow. I’m going to need a lot of help. Plus I want to see what these Lotus Nutes can do. I’ll be sure to tag you.

My goal is going to be to have them transplanted into their final pots by 2/15

I may have to start off the seedlings with the FF liquid nutes. We’ll see.


I just ordered this

I don’t have RO water, just city water @ 175ppm 7.1pH

How should I prep this?

Sorry for going back and forth from hell raisers thread, I don’t want to hijack it.


Thats what I use, you can rehydrate it with that no problem, then I would put a dose of calmag in like 5 gallons of phed water and soak it in that for 24 hrs.


Oh and just make sure when you go to soak it, if your water has a lot of chlorine in it, let it set out so some of that will gas off. You don’t really have to do it with the water you rehydrate with, but I would do it with the water you soak with.


Are you training these is any fashion? Mr. Soul suggests letting them grow with no training whatsoever but that seems boring to me.


I hope so: I’ve been using Promix HP and autopots since November lol.


I pulled trigger and got a brick of coco. I’ll probably mix in some perlite to it.

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I go triple strength on the CalMag when buffering, and let it soak for a full day. Then rinse in a colander to get the fine particles (pith) out. It’s a bit of a pain. Then I mix with perlite 70/30 coir to perlite by volume.


Like to hitch a ride on your grow with reg seeds, I got an itch to try regs and get my feet wet with jacks coco and auto water system


Oh ya I forgot the pith, I wish I could find like a 5 gallon colander, that would make it much easier.



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I’m going to drill 100 holes in a 5gal bucket for this. I bet a big cheap tote and a sharp awl would be fast too.