My first ever grow, and using LED in 4x4x72” tent 14 days in from seed

Blue Dream and Gold Leaf.


How big are those pots and are you planning to keep them on their the whole time? Are they photoperiod or autoflowering ladies? They look good so far, natural light is always the best for viewing and helps us to be able to identify problems if you ever should have any. Looos good though brother

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Aw man that’s the same tent I wanna get. I’ll b watching … good luck . And also too those were the 2 strain i bought from Rob . I just harvest the blue dreams and posted it for Jan. Bud of month . Great seeds .my next grow will be the gold leaf

Looking good @surfrescue
@Dieselgrower asked a giid question do you plan on leaving in small pots or transplantingvto larger ones

It looks like you have 2 plants in each pot. I would seperate them and put them into their own 5 gallon pots before its too late and the roots get tangled but otherwise look great

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feminised luckily i have home automation system that will allow me vary the light timing so i can get them to flower…pots are no5 big enough, but did not have enough seed start soil for a pot each i will give them a day or two more to get stronger stems befor putting them in a pot each…this of course also makes it harder to get the lady’s under direct light…
but i just added an additional 1500 wat 260w input LED and that will help.

going to put in larger pots tryin* to decide if i want them in 5 gallon imidiatly or if i put them in a gallon pot as an intermidiate step so i can get them more directly under light for longer.

they are about 16 days old…waiting for stronger stems befor transplanting to thier own pots/5gallon grow bags…better get on the stick and order more soil any recommendations for soil to use in 5 gallon grow bags that is good stuff but not so expensive…i grew the seeds in black gold and they are not kidding they price it like i came from a rich gold vein! but that and the root riot plugs that i pieced multiple times with a philips screwdriver seems to have been a winner!

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well this is six weeks in and my ladies seem to be doing well. they survived me splitting two from one plant pot to 5 gallons grow bag. won’t make that mistake again each plant gets its own pot!

i was using distilled water that was getting expensive so i created a rain water capture barrel with a neet kit from amazon. easy to install!

also purchased an air scrubber fan and carbon filter. the house was starting to smell of the plants and when my wife went upstairs it gave her head ache…can you say irony they whole reason for the grow is to help her migraines. however once i instilled the air scrubber no smell and even upstairs no headache, in fact the air quality in the whole house seems better!

i was using distilled water butbthat was getting expensive, so i built a rain water capture barrel, with a neet kit from amazon.


Pictures? :wink:

also the house was starting to smell of the plants, and the wife was getting head aches…can you say ironic, the whole reason for the grow is to help with my wife’s pain and migraines!! so i installed the air scrubber fan and carbon filter
no more smell no more head aches and the whole house air quality seems generally better!

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oh and this is the amazon kit for the barrel water capture system…barrel not included


sorry was addin*byhem as i created the message they are thier now with some other details

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Nice setup!

thanks i’m also starting to use some nitrogen and magnesium fertilizers…i’ll report on my findings on that a week or two from now. but i’m a firm believer that natural rain water is the secret to great plant health and growth! and the LED system is working great i just ordered another tent and a second 1500watt 3 chip led lamp…it only uses 320watts of electricity and the lady’s seem to love it!

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