My First Auto Grow! Autoflowers

47 days GDP ,Critical Mass plants look lite yellow ? using ILMGM fertilizer ,SOIL

Are they over watered by any chance? And do you ph your water?

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1 gal well water 5gal grow bags every 3 days soil in 6 7ph not checked ph in water use ILGM fert chart
sd in 30 days in small tent

:point_up_2: this water source is generally in the high 7 to low 8 range.

:point_up_2: mediums have a specific PH range for nutrient absorption with soil at 6.2-6.8 and 6.5 being the sweet spot. Without knowing your input or run off it’s a crap shoot Growmie :love_you_gesture:. Over or underwatering is frequency related and not the amount. Soil should have a wet to dry cycle before watering or feeding again and always to approximately 20% run off to rinse the unused salts from the previous feeding. Run off is critical to prevent those salts from accumulating in the root zone locking out nutrient uptake :love_you_gesture:


4 gals ea per week 1 gal every other day fert 1 week

Hi @budman69 welcome to the family. I agree with @OGIncognito (even though he bailed on us a cannacon :crazy_face:). Ph everything you give those girls. And feed/ water to runoff every time. You got this! :+1: good luck


I would also like to add… you may want to get those bags off the ground. Try to get some elevators to lift them a bit so they aren’t sitting in thier own waste. This will promote root rot, molds, pests and a host of other things.

See here how each plant is sitting elevated? Then i can vacuum the runoff from the drain pans.:+1:


:point_up_2: model grow and how it’s done. Sorry I missed you in Richmond Brother :love_you_gesture:

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:point_up_2: this is the frequency I was talking about…seems to often unless you have these in 1/2 gallon pots :love_you_gesture:

Thank you. And i was just messing around🙂 there will be more.

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