My babies are 4 weeks into flower. Can i prune ghe bottom of the plant

Can i prune off any small limbs with buds on,ther is hardley any light gettin down ther and my thinkin was rather than waste all that energy on them little ones i wud cut them off n send the energy into the main stem. Plz let me no if i shud do this. ty craigyboy

Yes you can! In fact you are 100% right in your thinking of sending more energy to the top buds as this will make them much, much bigger :)…But only take/cut a few at a time, so not to shock your plants, and good luck with your grow :slight_smile:

Good point. You do not want to stress the plant by chopping too much foliage off. If you cut off too much foliage underneath, then the plant not only can apply more energy to the tops…It can spend a lot of energy trying to heal the damaged part of the plant.

When pruning, it is important to balance trimming, and possible stress on the plant.

FYI. When you take the cutting; Trim it like a clone; Place it directly into a small pot of soil. Leave plant in flower room. After rooting, remove bud, but not the leaves. You need the leaves in order to re-veg the plant. ow you have a MOM.