My Autos won't stop flowering....won't ripen

Here’s a bit of an odd one in my indoor grow room. I grew some autos, my fourth or fifth grow. My autos grow slow in my cold basement, so they’re about four months to finish. First plants were pretty typical…one plant is behaving strangely.
Jack Herer Autos, 4+ months in, fox farms soil and nutes.

As the plants were finishing up I stipped off foliage leaves.
As this plant was kind of light on trichomes compared to others, I split the stem.
a week later I harvested four, pretty normal, but my split plant now has lots of trichomes, I let it go.
two weeks later this wierd plant has lots of trichomes, 80%milky, 20% clear, but they refuse to ripen, or turn amber.
Now it’s flowering again! my previously conical shaped colas, with brown pistles and a sugary look, now have flowers coming out all over, pistles are appearing. the trichomes turn milky pretty quickly but they do not seem to ever turn amber. I’d be content to harvest but it seems to be flowering pretty good again.

Is there a way to shut this plant off and force the trichomes to ripen fully?

Put on a 12/12 light schedule if it isn’t already.

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Sounds like they might be foxtailing. Can you post some pictures? Welcome back around, btw. :v:

Sounds like foxtailing, for sure.

Temps? Light power/height?

Thanks to all who responded! I should have investigated more before posting.

It’s definitely foxtailing,and some of the colas do indeed look like fists. As I already have six more seedlings under the lights, instead of adjusting light schedule I just cut it and hung it to dry. I’ll cure it for a bit and try it out.
I rather think the issue is temps. My basement is cool, but the tent temps avg about 70…until flower! when the plants start to stink I turn on the exhaust fan, and this draws cold make-up air into the tent, drops temps closer to 60 and slows the flowering process down quite a bit.

I like the autoflowers because I don’t have to mess with them too much, and they grow nicely in my basement grow tent. Each grow yields about 1.5lbs which is more than I can ever use, so I give it away and it gets rave reviews. once these six seedlings are done I can start my summer photo-period plants.

thanks for the reply…I should have done more research…spot on.

yes, foxtailing, thanks for the reply! apologies for not researching more first!

Sometimes it’s caused by light or heat stress, but it sounds like your temps are on the cool side. If you can keep it 10-12 warmer, they’ll grow so much better/faster. :+1:

understood! My basement runs mid 50’s in mass winters(actually, it’s probably 50’s pretty consistently)…all is hunky dory in the tent until flowering, then it’s a constant battle with the fan to balance airflow to keep as much warmth as I can while still blowing the odor outside.
My first and upper floors have forced air heat, and I’ve actually tapped into one of the ducts to blow into the tent so it’s 70’s in there with the heat running.
This weekend I’ll jar this last plant, then the fan will be shut down for another 3 months, temps should be a bit warmer by the time I start up again.