My Amnesia Haze one month old!

What u guyz think for .Month old plant??

Looks nice. :smile: Mine are about three weeks, I believe.

Do u have pix? What plant did u plant??

I just planted an auto amnesia haze , waiting for them to sprout .

What’s wrong with my plants leaves there curling??!!


@ccqm7777, I’m growing Strawberry Kush, from ILGM. Here are my three plants at 24 days old.

Excuse the lighting / angle, as i took them from an overhead angle, using just side lighting from a T5, after I had just turned off the LED. I just topped / FIMed them last night, and I’m kind of watching to see the results. I’ve heard pros and cons of each, so I figured I’d do a little of each.

As far as your most recent photo, while I will defer to others, your leaves look ok to me.

Keep us posted, and good luck in your grow. :slight_smile:

Beautiful dark lushes green leaves , they look amazing for 3 weeks , good job . If you keep this look consistent through out your grow , oh my your yield will be awesome , super sticky .

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@Yoshi, Thx. I’ve been trying to monitor most things, without trying to over-manage.

I’m trying to keep an eye on proper hydration and environmentals, such as temp and humidity.

Being sub-tropic / tropic, I’m stuck with a few hours each day @ 84 degrees, yet humidity sometimes runs ~40 during the day, but 60% at night, with lights out.

This truly is a learning experience. :smile:

Adding Co2 when lights on would raise humidity during daytime ?

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@yoshi, I’ll look into that. I’m thinking if I introduce dry ice, I can add CO2 and increase humidity at the same time, hopefully. :slight_smile:

That’s very possible , I never did CO2 with dry ice , I’ve just used the grobro2 bucket with yeast and sugar . Normally I start Co2 the third week right when I top my plants . The Co2 always add at least 15-20% humidity .

@yoshi, thanks for the advice. I will look into the Growbro setup for the tent. The one thing I’ve been experiencing is temps in the mids 80s during ewarly afternoon periods, and erad that dry ice is a way to infuse CO2 and lower ambient temperature.

It’s even so bad, that I’ve been keeping my PC turned off, as my system will raise the room temperature by 4 - 6 degrees. (An OC’ed 3930K, 6 core i7 and the 1,000W power supply, which is maxed, is a big part of that. :smile:

Even with the temps, you would be surprised how much they have grown in just a few days. Although, I am experiencing one small issue, which I will post in another thread, so as not to usurp this one. :smile:

They really can thrive in warm temperature if they fully matured , as long as they have enough water . But if you can keep it close to right or normal temp , you’ll do just fine , believe it are not some strains like ah lil stress , it can hurt or help .

@yoshi, yeah, they do seem to be handling the heat ok. My humidity also went up to 50%, after doing a more complete watering.

Now, it’s all pH fun for the next few days. :slight_smile:

Good deal , keep a watchful eye , and keep everything consistent , you will do good.