My 1st indoor grow & 1st time autoflower grow

This is my 1st time doing a Autoflower grow…These girls are 40 days in from seed. Do they look like they are where they should be in size for 40 days in? Thanks guys…(These are Amnesia Haze…Chocalope & Big Bud Autos from ILGM)



they look amazing! autos grow as they darn well please but are all looking quite perfect to me. if you want to use this as a journal, keep up the updates and let folks know more about your space and what you’re running and how you’re doing things and folks can join in or just stalk your ladies from afar and watch em grow.


and… check this out. most of these folks on this thread dropped almost the exact same time as you did. feel free to jump in. lots of autos growing here, too.


GOTCHA!!! I’m running two 1000w LED grow lights on Full Spectrum…24/7…I have given them 3 breaks from the light for 6 hrs each time during the past 40 days…Got a good 10ft×10ft area to work with…Also watering with 10-15-10 nutes for the last 3 weeks…Room stays 80° & between 55-65% humidity…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…Thanks all…


My advice would be to put every bit of money you have into more better lighting (maybe a 630w cmh with your LEDs around the out side. Also invest in a good ph and tds meter. Also drop your lights to 18/6 or 16/8 plants grow better with a break. Can you work 24/7. I run mine 24 hours on first week or two then go 16þ8 and first sign of flowering 12/12. I pull lbs off my auto


Thanks for the advice…I really appreciate the help…If i just stayed the course I’m on for this grow & use the two 1000w LEDs…Would 150 grams per plant be achievable on this grow til i could get better lighting for my next…

that is quite a bit for any auto to achieve regardless of lighting.

take a look at your light specs and see what the actual wattage draw from the wall is. it’s still not a great standard for how good the light is but it’s a starting point. they say 1000w but it’s probably more like 180.

So what would you say is a more realistic projection of per plant yield if i stay with the LED’S on this grow & upgrade on my next attempt?

sorry i’m not the auto expert but autos kinda do what they want. i had one put out 2oz and the second that was right next to it and got the same treatment was a pound. they may get huge or they may stay really small. yes light and feeding and environment affect outcome, but unfortunately there’s no formula for x amount of watts- that being said i’m not sure you know what the actual wattage is yet? lack of light or poor light sometimes will just affect the quality of the buds, too, not just final weight. buds may just end up being more fluffy or further spaced apart. there is NOTHING wrong with this, esp for your first run. everyone does the best they can.

BUT if you’ve got a 10x10 space, even the most expensive 200W lights (if that’s what’s equivalent to what you have) isn’t enough (or at least ideal) for that space if your plants are taking up the whole area. esp when you get into flower, the effective lighting area is tighter.

The lights have a metal tag on them that says 85v - 265v…doesnt say what the draw is…

Do u have an amazon link to the exact lights?

Welcome to ILGM btw. I can see 2-4 oz a plant on that back wall, assuming a smooth bumpfree grow. But like hinted at above, lighting is a major factor. I run 200w of high efficiency lights in a 3x2 area


I have 14 plants in this grow & I’m not using but 5×5 of my 10×10 space as of now…

This is a growth progression from 9 days…14 days…21 days…26 days & 40 days…I’m my worst critic & always strive to do better…I hope they keep up the progression…The wait is Killing Me…:joy:


I will post it

I’m using 2 of these…


so i don’t see the wattage either but they do give you the footprint:

Vegetative Coverage at 24": 2.5x2.5ft/1pcs
Flowering Coverage at 18": 2x2ft/pcs

so most likely this around a 100w or 120w. by their own standards you should be able to flower a 2x4 area.

I’m gonna need that 630w cmh to go with these 2 Led’s for the next attempt…but for now I’m gonna continue on with these & do a test…Just to see what can be achieved with LTS (low stress training) on a $400 Budget…(includes lights ×2…Cash Crop 15 seed bundle from ILGM…Pots…Dirt…& nutes)…


This is what they look like just after a 6 hr dark period…Taken today 10/14/19


The stretch is REAL! Get ready for some serious growth

They range in length right now from 12-14 in. tall…I been training them to minimize any potential shadow growth…Starting to get alot stronger odor as well…No sign of buds yet…Dont mind it if they veg alittle longer…I changed to an 18/6 lighting schedule …Instead of 24/7…Do you reduce lighting during flowering even tho they say it doesn’t make a diff?

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11/19/19 (Day 46) They are definitely in the stretch…Seeing growth spurts that seem to change within a couple hours time…