My 1st hydroponics

i think everything looks good. Yes the res is small but working on it , next is a 17 gallon unit with outside pump my cooler set up. Oh the set up i made is kicking the butt of the store bought one… …

Lights : bugget spec 2 and red spec 3 cranked kinda low ish

Res temp: 68 to 72

PH: 5.8 to 6.0

Tent temperature: 68 to 73

Humidity: 60 ish

Co2: shine is done so ill add next go around. Didn’t remember that that my shine gives off c02, stupid me…

Light: Bugget spec 2 and Bugget spec 3 red

PPM: 360 been slowly adding it up to that.


The plant’s on the left “Maybe both” are drowning need an air gap between netpot and water. Both look like the humidity is to high. leaf’s aren’t right.
360 is good for PPM, don’t burn them .PH drift will tell you to move PPM up or down. Normally PH moving down means plants taking water out faster than nutes, up PPM. PH moving up means plants taking nutes out faster than water, Move PPM down. Think that’s right??? “Late on a Friday”.

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Ppm was 120 to 130 and all i keep reading was “get it up to 750” at 3 or 4 week mark. So ive been adding nutes to get to that . But stopped at 450ish. Im followed the GH feeding per gallon and it was way low ppm in the 1st to the 3 week than what i was reading on i💝gm . So i think she looks good. Staring to have a good smell. And i think i have enough light to crank up for it. Any other ideas or advice. The red lines are cool a F…

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late on Friday. California time

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I’m flowering at 400-550

Go by the lowest number PPM on the GH feed-chart for the week of grow you’re in.
PH drift will tell you up or down on PPM


plant on left is in a store bought unit. Ive mixed the same nutes and ph as my unit . My unit has a pump and spraying jet inside with 2 air stones (medium size) and my Top mount supercharger heat changer as a cooler, so temps are kept in the low 70s no higher than 72 so far. Im more concerned with the one on the rignt. Ill probably move the other unit in my other space under my COB setup and just focus on the one. The red lines look good… is that normal…

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i need room for that @Member420

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and i have a fan inside both side panels open top fan 4 inch running , only thing left is open the doors…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My tent temp goes from low 50’s to in the 90’s

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@Member420 need advice on topping and training. 3 or 4 top or what. I want a short a bushy grow . I dont have the garage cleaned out yet for room like i need or want.

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And the one on the left was low on water. She is fixed and looks good.

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FIM them once then net them,

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Get rez temps below 68

I NEVER go by their dosage. If you do, you will try them. [quote=“Onelow51, post:4, topic:42530”]
But stopped at 450ish. Im followed the GH feeding per gallon and it was way low ppm in the 1st to the 3 week than what i was reading on i💝gm . S

I have found (in hydro) that you don’t get those high ppm readings like in soil. I rarely go over 800 in flower. In hydro, you have no buffer. I go with 1/4 the reccomend dose of fertizer.[quote=“Onelow51, post:1, topic:42530”]
PPM: 360 been slowly adding it up to that.

That’s plenty at this point.

I see no mention of Hydrogaurd. It’s needed.


I’ve got 2 super silver haze one is 5 weeks the others is 3 in ones of those 55 gallon tubs from Home Depot so I’ve got 46 gallons of water in it the small one has stopped growing and I have tips curling down with brown on them I’ve had to cut some dead ones off the bigger plant yesterday I changed the water and added 1 and 3/4 cup of miracle gro water soluble plant food and 1 3/4 cup of Epsom salt the PH is at 6.3-6.4 the roots look healthy so i then went to read that it could be calcium deficiency and the miracle grow has no calcium in it so what should I do to get these girls healthy again

The ph sounds a little low and the miracle grow and salt doesn’t sound right. Id get the ph to 5.7 to 5.9. Then get some GH nutrients.

my girl is about 4 weeks and going strong. So others might chime in for other advice

Sorry I should have also added I’m a new grower what nutrients do you use and do you change the water every 2 weeks?

Check this out at
General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 Quart (Pack of 3)

start with this . Im a new grower too. But they have been working for me. Keep the water temp below 70. 68* most guys say is the sweet spot. And id get the bugs out the 1st go around. And spend good money on lights. I have Bugget stuff they are working well for me.

alright just ordered and I have king LED brand light

and my c02 is ready… :wink::wink: