Multiple issues relating to nutrients

Strain; Bag seed plant one indica, plant two sativa.

Soil in ground.

PH is between 6 and 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix. I have been feeding them a seaweed based supplement and a water based fertiliser over the course of the veg state. The soil was prepared with blood and bone, chook manure, dynamic lifter and some mushroom compost.

Outdoor in soil

Light system The solar system… haha

Temps; As they came into flower we had high winds and crazy temperatures around 35-38 degrees celsius. In the last 5 days the temperature has dropped along with the wind. We are sitting on about 25 degrees through the day and as low as nine through the night.

Humidity; dry very dry.

Ventilation system; 16-45km winds.

Hey guys I hope the above helps, I created this account because for countless nights I have been up studying all the different symptoms of anything and everything in regards to my virgin princesses. The are suffering greatly. The lower leaves seem to be lacking a mobile nutrient as they are burning on the tips and edges and it’s working its way up the plant. On the other hand the new growth is burning and deformed. 4 days ago I tied them down so I’m worried that maybe the growth that had been shaded are now exposed? Also they all started showing symptoms the moment they came into flower so I’m thinking it’s going to be potassium related or nutrient lock out. At the first sign of flowering I gave my plants 20L of water mixed with potash and half a hand full Epsom salt in the hopes that it might help with the flowering. I’m worried there is either to much salts in the soil that may have burned the roots or to much potassium. I did some reading and I found that to much of one nutrient and cause another to be locked out. Im completely out of ideas so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I took a few photos but only one made it into my original post. This is a collection of leaves from the two plants in question. They both see to have the same issue. The fan leaves are affected almost all the way to the growth tips with the most severs leaves like these ones being around the base of the plant.

Several things catch my attention
Your in soil in pots ? If in pots what size pots ?

Ph between 6-6.5 you should know what your ph is exactly
Below 6.3 in soil you will have issues or above 6.8

What are you using to read ph ?

Also in dry low humidity climates will cause your plants to up take moisture and nutrients in soil faster
Due to the low humidity

What are you feeding the plants and how much
What are your ppm in and ppm of the run off
Ph in and ph of run off ???


To me it looks boarderline over watered

@Countryboyjvd1971 i don’t think he is in pots, sorry bud. he is growing outdoors in soil by what i read.

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I read that too but you can be in a pot outdoors
I thought I saw a pot in picture that why I asked @monkman

If he’s directly in the ground then I would like to know how he got his ph numbers as well
We can help him still lol
Thanks tho buddy

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sorry to intrude, i will never grow outdoors but i still read lots of stuff trying to gain info. was interested in this to see how you would deal with something like this outdoors.


You hit all the high points John! It looks to me like nutrient burn probably based on a high VPD from the heat and humidity.

Water only for at least the near term. Plants don’t need any more fertilizer.

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@monkman you where intruding brother it’s all good
I do miss things sometimes and don’t mind you guys as members point it out when I do
We are all good bro :v: Happy growing
@Myfriendis410 I believe it related to the humidity and temps as well causing plant to up take more nutrients then needed :+1:
Happy growing good to see you too my brother

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Are you doing a journal this year? If so I’ve missed it. Tag me in?

Have you seen mine? I’m doing an RDWC grow this winter; fascinating!

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I have not done one as of yet @Myfriendis410
And I abruptly stop my old one been so busy at work bro so it’s on the back burner
I’m still growing of course just not post to much

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Hey guys appreciate the fast reply. The plants are growing in a long sandy loam garden bed that has been composted to a depth of 800mm or 32inches. The vegetables are all doing well and seem to be handling them selves well. I have used a hydroponic supplement at the recommend rate over the veg stage and it’s seemed to work very well until I hit flowering. I didn’t feed the once they began to flower as I’m worried about giving them to much nitrogen. I will post a picture of the supplement. When I noticed the plants were looking I’ll I flushed them for a hour or so with a sprinkler system as I was worried that the Epsom salts might have been causing the damage. Over watering certainly could be a problem. I will also try and quickly take some photos of the plants to give you an idea of the over all growth. The indica is very dark compared to the sativa.

I used a ph meter probe inserted into the soil to around 4-5 inches and done a soil test at around the same depth.

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Hope this helps, the suns only just come up so the quality isn’t at its best .

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Looks water heavy just like my plants when over watered. Perhaps hit with some flower nutes but not for at least a week they are looking very wet.

Dude just water for the next few waterings due to low humidity
Over all your plants look good
If your have a dual probe type soil meter they aren’t the most accurate a digital wand style meter and a slurry year would be best
Your in raised beds so getting a sample of the soil shouldn’t be that difficult

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Hey guys just a quick update the new growth has resolved it self, I gave them a watering this week with no nutes. The older leaves are still indicating a mobile deficiency of some sort from my understanding. I will upload a couple of pictures of each plants leaves to give you guys a clue.

Older leaves will not correct themselves so any damage done before correcting will still show