Moved to bubble buckets, all doing great but one collapsed

Hi, it’s me, the AeroGarden first-timer. I built a bubble bucket system with food-safe containers and hydrofarm pumps, moved everyone into a tent, and they’re all doing great…except for one seedling who collapsed. These pictures are five hours apart.

PH is 5.8, ppm is 800, temp is 70-75 degrees. My only guess was that maybe the clay pebbles were blocking airflow to the roots, so I removed some of them. All the other plants are flourishing and this guy just toppled over. Do some plants go into shock? I’ve been trying to fix her for five hours with no real results.

Third picture is the plant next to her, all elements are identical and it’s fine.

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Oh, they’re out of order. First picture is the healthy neighbor. Second picture is now. Third picture was five hours ago.

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Looks like you may need to add a few more clay hydraton. Looks good everywhere else!

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Looks like root shock to me

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Thank you! I will add more clay pebbles (I was worried they may be blocking airflow) and try some root stimulator to diminish shock.

I was surprised that only one from the whole batch went into shock, but that particular plant entwined roots with the others, so maybe it was more stressed by the detangling and transplant.


They won’t, there’s plenty of spaces air will flow through. Also those clay balls are porous and will absorb some oxygen for roots to use. Providing you have enough air flow for your bubblers. When pumping air into the water, the water should look like a rolling boil. If it doesn’t, you need more air.

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when i was doing DWC i would not transplant them they where placed as a seedling into the basket part… the lid, and that was their home. however id swap the bottom part to a 3 gallon then move them to a 5 but i don’t think it matters dont think it makes difference just less water to lug …