Mother plant is yellowing from the ground up rapidly

I have given it raw nitrogen because I have grown for years and never had a problem I can not fix but now I am I also gave her ph down because ph was 7.0 but still rapid yellowing wtf is going on

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It’s called flowering, and it’s perfectly normal. Pluck off the old dead leaves

I believe it’s part of the fall season and as my plants are moving towards a finish they are also yellowing and falling off. I’m hoping with these cooler evening temps starting that maybe we will see some other colors as well. As the parents of mine were finishing up they made some nice purples as well. Enjoy more worry less.


I have grown for awhile now first time seeing it like this my others are not doing this maybe a few here and there that’s it…never seen it rapidly going like this only towards end of flower not beginning up to now as well

Here is the others