Most "ghetto" grows with great results

So, we all gotta start somewhere, right?
I’ve seen lots of nice setups and people talk about having subpar lighting. But how about we compare to see who has the most “ghetto” grow.
Who isnt using a bought tent or anything like that. Or even better, who’s makeshifted everything and having great results still.
Strictly just for fun, from what you had setup in the past. Or even may still be using. Let’s see how ghetto some of our grows are with good results.
Here’s mine.
Running an hlg 65 v2 4000k and an hlg 135 rspec. Their hanging off a metal rope I bought.
I have 2 fans that are from Walmart no clip on oscillators or anything yet.
I have mylar I’m gonna put on the wall next grow. I have a reflective tarp that hangs down. And a window ac unit I’ll use if temps got too hot.
I’ll also hang the buds off the metal rope after a bath when I harvest.

I had 2 subpar lights but I’m only using 1 of then now since I’ve upgraded to the hlg.
And here’s how the grow is coming along.

What do you guys think?
Let’s see some other “ghetto” setups!


Wouldn’t say ghetto but this was my starter set up. A 2x2 tent with a 132w (real watt) viparspectra and 3- 19w side lights. I wasn’t sure this was something I was going to continue so I didn’t dump a bunch of money up front. I believe the total start up cost was about $220, including seeds and soil. I ended up upgrading the light to an hlg 135 the day after this pic. Have bought 4 more 135’s since.


I love the 135 rspec.
So am I the only person on here not using a tent or made box? The only ghetto grower trying to do big things? Lol.


Well I started 3 years ago with two 300w mars hydro /true 140w burples, a clip on 6 inch fan, pots, timer and cord, seeds… About $ 220 and did 6 grows getting 2+ ounces per plant. I was happy but saw on this forum what hlg lightning improved everyone’s grows so I upgraded to two hlg 100 v2 3k, and bam doubled my yields!!! So happy, but still just lights and fan in a closet. I call it a simple grow… Here’s pics before, and now. Oh I forgot $300 for hlg upgrade :smile:


Y’all want ghetto, well here u go​:grin::exploding_head::100:


@Shaggy lol

Is that even safe @Oldschool82? Lol.
Upgrade the lights to hlg 135 rspec and use the promo code dude.
177 and itll be well worth it and you’ll get way. Better results. And less stuff plugged in. I’m running 3 lights, 1 of which I dont need to ut I’m trying to add on the far side of my ladies.


@Dennis62 looks like a simple set up. Lol. I like it though. If it works, it works.


@Oldschool82, test those 19w lights. Turn the switch off and make sure the lights go out all the way. I had some of those and almost screwed my whole crop. This is with the switch off. You can see one side stays dimly lit. That’s hermie fuel.


I wanted to maybe get the hlg redbar. But I think I’d need a flower tent for that. Lol. Right now veg and flower are side by side. Lol.

Looks great. I would watch that concrete wall. They are bad about moisture and mold. Keep good airflow. They look good and dry. We grow where we have to. No doubt it will work fine.

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Yea, I have a roll of mylar that’s gonna go over the wall. I was just too lazy to put it up when I moved my plants over.
I have a double fan for windows on one side and a broken oscillating fan on the other side, but I’ll be getting a few clip on fans soon to change them out and have a little better airflow.

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@BobbyDigital ok bud will do thanks


@Shaggy I checked on those lights u suggested, gotta save up man😁

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They’re worth saving up for. And dont forget to use the promo code dude.

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Is it 177

For the 135 rspec with the promo code, yes.
I had bought a 65 v2 4000k before at full price for 100.

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10 bucks in pvc, 10 in connectors, 7 for dollar store shower curtains doubled up, and 20 for a black out blanket.

Ive since put up a carbon filter, and mylar diamond


Just spend a little but of money on an hlg and you’ll have amazing yields compared to whatever you’re pulling now.

Start of my journey, had went off of what already knew about gardening, which was zilch.

After finding ILGM forum.

After numerous changes and upgrades… Today.

Scrog was added today.

The first 5 seeds in the buckets never made it past cotyledons opening due to me over watering. I joined ILGM and ordered some WW fems and tried it again. Lol