Mixing weed with shisha in a hookah

Just wondering is anyone else enjoys smoking weed with shisha in a hookah like I do?

I like weed’n’shatter or just shatter!


Not sure if i do but i think i will give it a go. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Wonder if strawberry shisha would be ok, or maybe something like pineapple or berry be the go ?


My wife and I prefer double apple as a standard, but I imagine any flavor you like.

We were wondering if we should match flavors, like Tangie with an Orange, Blue Dream with blueberry, etc.


I have these flavors​:grapes::green_apple::watermelon::tangerine::cherries::strawberry::pineapple:+ a few more, don’t know if the shisha is still ok to use but i guess there’s only one way to find out.
And was thinking the same way with the flavor matching myself.


I have never combined the two as I don’t own a hookah. But every year a friend of mine (lives in another state) get together for a motorcycle rally and always hit the hookah bar there. I would love to try them together so let me know how it goes when you try.

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So far it’s our go to for smoking marijuana, we enjoy it, I’d imagine it’s not for everyone. My wife does not like the taste of just marijuana, so the flavored shisha gives it a nice taste and we get the high from the marijuana.

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