Cooking with cannabis which strain/plant is good

Obviously cooking with cannabis is the bomb. I add my dry ‘secret’ ingredient to my steak seasoning. I didn’t know to decarbonize the cannabis before adding to the seasoning. That ribeye was the best and I was higher than a giraffe’s azz!
Any who, my question is what plants are best to use in desserts or sweets vs plants best for everything else as in masking some of the dank taste? Is it better to use a sativa strain vs indica in cooking or is it a personal preference?
All suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks Guys n Gals!

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We like to use Ilgm super skunk for edibles its great i use my pressure cooker to de carb. I make cannbutter its very clean taste amazing.

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Look into makeing cana-sugar. You can then use the sugar in any recipe that takes sugar and its by far the least cannibus tasting way I’ve found and we do alot of eatables different ways.

I used 4oz trim in 2lb sugar and a solo cup of cool-air made from it had me blowed and I smoke considerations regularly :grin:


Tried it in Char-broiled Hamburgers once. Can’t remember, it’s been so long.

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Use whatever strain that you want the high from . Generally everyone enjoys a good mimosa buzz , purple punch, and skywalker og would also be generally liked if you re cooking for others. I have a cheap rosin press that cooks the thc into the bud chip and i just break off a finger nail sized piece and eat it . Quickest edible at only 2.5 minutes a chip

I stuffed a thanksgiving turkey with a left over pound from the season before and a stick of butter. Basted it every half hour. It was too strong. You could only eat a few grams of the meat before you fell asleep drooling on yourself. I was afraid to make a whole turkey sandwich out of that stuff.

It was a blend of all the tag ends.


If I didn’t have kids I would consider the Kool aid. Could you even imagine the horror of my 14 & 18 yr old boys getting a hold of that Kool aid? Nevermind the neon lights saying Mom’s Kool aid. They’d kill that bottle and eat everything in the house.
I made the mistake of giving my mutts pieces of that steak like a treat. Forgot it was ‘special’. I didn’t hear a peep out of them. All 3 dogs. The Chihuahua especially. He barks at everything. That night crickets. All of them were fine but chill like cray.

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I thought about making crusted prime rib with some this holiday season. That means I’ll have to make 2. One special the other regular. Talk about letting the game watch you about you sleep. Lol

So I made 1 pack cool aid with 1 cup of the sugar and a solo cup full was plenty right.
So my wife brings me a giant cup of hot chocolate she made from the sugar and im thinking its a pack she put a spoon full in… .
Turns out half way down im like, this some good chocolate, how much did you put in? .
She says, the receipt from scratch said a half a cup!
I’m absolutely wrecked right now and got to work at 5am :man_facepalming:

But im loveing this sugar, it opens up so many options for consumption :grin: