Mixing the soil for my grow

I have fox farms ocean forest soil 6 - 1.5 cubic bags , black magic fertilizer 4- 5pound bags and Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm castings. 20 pounds of black gold. I have 9 plants for an outside grow that are getting a head start inside. Should I did my holes for the plants now,and mix my ingredients and fill the holes? I still have at least a month before i can move the plants outside. So is it to soon to dig and get the spots ready or will my nutrients start to compose and be wasted?
Thanks for any help

My thought process is I should dig my holes where my plants will be. I think my worm castings should go in the ground mixed with fox farm soil and black magic fertilizer in the bottom 1/3 and the remainder just fox farms soil. Im concerned that I jumped the gun on buying the worm castings and wondering what the shelf life is for them to sit around in a dark cool place. I still have 4-6 weeks before I can put my plants outside because its still cold. We usually plan on planting outside after Mother’s Day,I live in the north east USA So will i lose a month’s worth of nutes by preparing the site early, will the worms migrate away from where i want to plant?
In the past I’ve just dug holes and used Miracle-Gro when i put the plants outside and never prepped the soil. This year I’d like to make a better attempt at this especially after finding this forum and reading into all of the things I never knew
But I’m a bit stumped with these questions
Thanks for any insight you may have

Worm castings is worm poop. It won’t go anywhere.

Stick with Fox Farm.


I guess I’ll go dig some holes shortly

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Hey @AAA any advice for prepping the outside grow holes?

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@Big123 what do you think ?


Digging holes and adding supplements now to ‘compost’ is not a bad idea. You can’t use too much earthworm castings IMO: neutral PH and plants adore it.

Stay away from Miracle Gro: you’re not growing petunias lol.


I would dig as big a hole as possible. Amend with gypsum. Take the soil you removed and mix in per 4 cu ft of native soil:

1 cu ft. organic worm castings

1.25lbs or 20 ounces steamed bone meal

1.25lbs or 20 ounces bloom bat guano

1.25lbs or 20 ounces blood meal

4 cups glacial rock dust

12 ounces rock phosphate

8 ounces kelp meal

8 ounces alfalfa meal

4 tablespoons Epsom Salts

2 table spoon feather meal

1/8 cup or 2 tablespoons sweet lime (dolomite)

1/8 cup or 2 tablespoons azomite (trace elements)

1 tablespoon insect frass

1 tablespoon powdered humic acid

1 tablespoon powdered fulvic acid

1 tablespoon recharge

1 teaspoon mychorizae powder

10-32 oz cups coarse perlite

This is a play on super soil.

If all that is too much, dig hole, fill with fox farms ocean forest, and a handful of earthworms. Cover with wheat straw.


The worm castings won’t go bad, and it’s not too early to prepare your spot, how much digging do you plan on doing?

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In the past my root balls have been the size of a bowling ball so,
Im thinking each hole about 16x16
9 holes 4ft apart 3 in each row
Garden fence cut to 3-4 ft length and rolled into a circle around each plant. This keeps the critters off them
Glad to hear worm castings wont go bad, so I’m going to wait a few more weeks before I dig so there will be leaves on the brush so no one will see me.

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@AAA thank you for your time to type all that out, I’ve bookmarked it. I think thats a little to in-depth for me at this time.
Im going to use fox farms ocean forest worm castings and black magic fertilizer

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I’m here and watching and it looks like your in good hands my friend. Keep a diggn my friend

B Safe


You are welcome, I cut and pasted it from my notes.

What you chose is easiest and I bet will yield good results.