Mixing thc and cbd

My question is I like a buzz for the day time and one for night,day time smoot and alert not to stong but i have back problems that cause me pain I am planing to make hash oil from let say WHITE WIDOW witch is indica so not a couch buzz is it possible to add CBD oil from your shop?and acording to your experience what would be the outcome
Thank you

sativa sorry

Different strains have different ratios which will give each individual potentially different effects. If delivery of the active compounds of white widow works for you then oil made from white widow will have the similar ratios and should also work for you. If you need more pain relief or other different qualities, then just find a suitable strain to make your hash oil from.

I don’t know that we have a CBD oil from our shop, only seeds as far as I know.

A CBD oil is usually made from a strain that is high in CBD and low in THC and maybe low in CBN. Oils are really just refined and possibly somewhat processed hash oils. When I say processed, I mean they may have been decarboxylated which is what activates the compounds to be more psychoactive and otherwise more active.