Mixed drink or tinture?

so if i soak some erbs in my vodka and shave the dry sieve hash into my vodka and then add fruity soda … is this a mixed drink or a tincture lolol hooos out there tonite??

No quite the way - you can find “how-to-do” on the internet; if unable let me know - ti’s takes 30 days for the “mixture” to be ready and you use 150 or 100 % l (rum ,ever clear) then use with caution !!

lmao was just bored in the lounge last nite thought id throw that out their to strike up a conversation .lol than any way steve2 . it why i posted it in the lounge to start some chitter chatter .:sunglasses:

When I in my 20’s, I’d soak sugar leaves in absinthe for a few weeks. It would certainly Jack you up, but was hard to tell what it gave you, with the trip that the absinthe sent you on anyway. Lol!

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@Blountville . thats actually interesting , tell me about absinthe herd a little seen it in stores but never drank it ???Hammer

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It’s good stuff buddy, very good!

…you get the magic spoon with the sugar cube going, recite a certain incantation at midnight and invoke the name of any three of your favorite Norse gods and it’s just a good time from there my friend ! :thumbsup:

LMAO my first read was nug gods lol then reread norse gods hahahaha.gonna get a bottle one day and try it with friends

is it halusigenik ?? 'spell check failure …haven’t done that in 28 years .lol cid and shrooms …had to see things or it weren’t good …lmao all over the place … did you hear why the pm buttons got removed …didn’t use mine a lot but sometimes it would be good to have again …

I haven’t bought any in about 10 yrs, but when I was drinking it, the stuff you found on the shelf in the US was just really strong, really nasty green liquor. It didn’t seem to have any wormwood extract in it. I mail ordered from Europe. The stuff i got online, definitely had psychoactive. I would get lots of crazy visual trails, and all lights and colors were very vivid and trippy, sorta like LSD, but more subdued, and manageable. I’ve heard you can now get quality Absinthe in the US, but am sceptical. If you try it, get, or make a small slotted metal spoon and cube sugar. Google ways to drink it, because straight up is a bit harsh.

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