Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana - Recreational?

On November 6th 2018 Missouri voted to legalize Medical Marijuana. The measure was a state constitutional amendment. There were actually 3 propositions on the ballot, however one was not constitutional and while the second one was, it did not allow home grow. Both of those went down in flames while 66% of voters approved amendment 2.
The measure provides minimum timelines/deadlines over the next year to get the system up and running.
We wont be able to “legally” grow until the system provides the necessary paperwork and probably seeds. The arrangement is heavily laden with tracking product.
Im guessing fall before anything can be done. But that gives me time to get the grow room ready. My wife suffers severe pain and its a long term issue. At least ten years.
Looking forward to getting to know some of you as this progresses. My dad was a great gardener…me…Meh.
Due to where I am and other factors I will do this totally legal. I will continue to post progress as time goes on.
Once we get rolling I look forward to posting out first grow log.


Welcome to the community buddy close Oklahoma neighbor here lol waiting to see you get started


Been to Tulsa a Bunch

Not a bad city love the sticks though :hugs:

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Glad to hear another U S state has legaliZed medical m j. It’s about time they all did. Sorry. I’m from Canada and waited over 40 years for our freedom. I hope u have the best of luck with your upcoming grow. You are in the right place for knowledgeable help if required. Peace.:v:


I would suggest that the legal system won’t find your small grow worth any effort.

Especially if done indoors…like a lot of American Citizens.

A jury of your peers will not find you worthy of prison…now.

The general public is FINALLY slowly becoming aware cannabis is not a dangerous drug as disgraced sick dick nixon claimed it was. And the numerous health benefits that it brings.

At this time, Congress(America) has passed a Farm Bill that legalizes growing, using and selling hemp. A cousin of cannabis with no thc. BUT…plenty of CBD’s.

Things are getting better…slowly.


But, then I heard Canada is a different world that confiscates cb radios from citizens at the border.

Dun want the sheep to be able to communicate without govt. supervision and control. :policeman:


Haven’t heard about the cb radios. Seem to be lots in rural n s. :grin::+1:

maybe things changed…35 yrs ago. Canadian troopers were at the border pulling CB’s out of cars coming from America

sure they were cb radios? radar detectors yes they are illegal in Ontario anyway. I’ve never heard of that.

Radar detectors illegal most everywhere in can.

@Oldguy How many plants are you allowed to grow legally in NS?

4 now for recreational. Medical is by prescription depends on how many g /day determines #of plants. Can be up to 25.

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Ontario is the same. I have a medical card at 2 g a day so once I fill out the Health Canada applications I can grow up to 10. I haven’t subbmitted the form as of yet because I don’t know if I want the government to know I’m growing even though it is legal. I’m funny that way I guess. @Oldguy

@HJL Funny. I feel the same way. Could be why I haven’t gone for a card myself.
We still gonna grow it anyway. Hopefully I can keep up with my personal demand at 4 per time.

Probably true…however in the next few months in small towns that opposed the idea there will be over reactions to anyone caught with product. Possession of 35g or less is only a fine on the first offense. It can get bad from there. Some municipalities do not bother like you say. Some are still aggressively enforcing the law. There is a great fear among some that this is leading to mass “Reefer Madness” type of deal. These people are rapidly being outnumbered but some small towns still hang on to these ideas. Unfortunately I can throw a rock and hit the police station. Sooooo,Im going to play it safe. Eventually the pendulum will swing back to the middle and folks will see there was nothing to fear.


Understand small town hysteria campaigns. Much like the Salem Witch Murders.
Legal but not right.
what’s stopping you from moving far nuff away from the cop shop to feel safe?

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Other than the proximity to the law I have a really nice place with lots of shop space.
Indoor grow space will be easy. Have an entire 20x20 room to use. Moving at my age sounds awful…Lol
Im ok with waiting for it to happen. I will proceed to get set up over the next few months.


You can to grow up to 6 plants in flower and don’t start anything yet if you want to be legal it is a 12000 dollar application fee with no guarantees for liscense and 25k after that annually and your city or municipalities has to allow it to. There is a very limited number of liscense available to grow and the rest of the problem is are the Dr going to be able to write a script because they are already on the news about how stringent they are going to be on the Dr who writes them and it’s based for a 2% of the population of the whole state and it’s geared toward a corporate type and basically if you don’t have 200k in cash it’s going to be hard to do it and it’s 6k for a dispensaries application fee and 6k for infused products application fee hope this helps you

Hey there ThcinKC, I enjoy visiting Kansas City if that is what your handle refers to.
Yes the fees for producing/growing weed for the dispensaries is steep. But growing for personal use as you said up to 6 flowing plants only has a $100/year fee. The text of the law is here below…

(12) Except for good cause, a Qualifying Patient or his or her Primary caregiver may obtain an identification card from the Department to cultivate up to six flowering marijuana plants for the exclusive use of that Qualifying Patient. The card shall be valid for twelve months from its date of issuance and shall be renewable with the annual submittal of a new or updated physician’s certification. The Department shall charge an annual fee for the card of one hundred dollars, with such rate to be increased or decreased each year by the percentage of increase or decrease from the end of the previous calendar year of the Consumer Price Index, or successor index as published by the U.S. Department of Labor, or its successor agency.

Now like everyone else I do not like any of this as its just a plant and we should have freedom to do with it as we please. However thats not the way it is yet. I expect recreational will follow here in 2-4 years. The overwhelming support for medical use shows the changing attitude.