Misplaced my nutrient deficiency guide

Can’t find my nutrient deficency guide can someone help me out?



Many thanks @merlin44. Without pictures i know you can’t give much advice but lights are off right now sooo. Let me just give you a quick run down. Girl’s are going into 7th week of veg using happy frog with jacks ro blend with ro water. I’ve been using botanicare cal/mag + silica with every watering.My tds readings have been in the mid 2000’s until last watering and they have dropped around 1600’s and i’ve only fertilized 1 time with Jacks. I’m pretty sure i’m mag deficient what would be my next course of actio? PH is around 6.1 to 6.3.


The only thing that I see is that your pH is a bit on the low side for soil. I am a soil grower too. I shoot for 6.5 pH. Good luck sorting it out.

Epsom salt is a good source of mag.

Was going to fertilize next watering.Or would you just and mag to PH’ed RO water? @MidwestGuy @merlin44 My tds’s seema little high. Also should i bring my input PH to around 6.8 to bring up PH?

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I am not an expert for sure…I would continue watering and feeding as you have been but raise the pH to 6.5.

Thanks for the info bro!

Skipping 1 or 2 feedings should bring PPM back in range. It’s hard to hurt a plant with mag. Go ahead and continue to feed mag if you are concerned about a deficiency.

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OK thanks for the info