Help with this deficiency?

Ive never had problems so soon but multiple plants are doing this.
Ph 6.2
Jacks nutrients with silica and calmag
Temp 72 low 83 high
Rh 60 to 65
Lighting is prow grow 1800 at 18 inches
400 to 420ppfd

Im thinking it looks like magnesium deficiency but the calmsg is not helping. Any insight would be great. A fix would be better. Thanks!


Try foilar spraying 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt to 1 gallon of water. I use it religiously every year. Try an hour before your lights come on. I like to dissolve it in a cup and then add it totally dissolved in the on gallon of water. Foliar just like you would any other, saturate the leaves . Wait two days you should see some results.

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Could be, as you have some slight yellowing between the veins.

How are you checking your PH?

Are you watering till u get runoff from the bottom of the pot? Also how often are you watering, as the soil looks a tad dry. I see nothing major, and suspect your PH meter needs calibration.

I shouldve mentioned im growing in fox farm happy frog. I have a blulab ph pen. That was just re calibrated because it was due for it. Im going in at ph of 6.3. Ive went through 2 grows previously with no problems. Could i be overfeeding. Maybe too much magnesium due to the happy frog having some. Nutrients in it still?

I just transplanted 4 days ago into their 7 gallon pots. I dont water the whole pot until they get established. I water every morning. 6 gallons over 28 plants. I will increase the amount as they get bigger. Open to suggestions though. This is only my 4th grow

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No need to add calmag with jacks 321, it’s in Part B. With a fresh transplant using FF Happy Frog I wouldn’t be feeding nutrients for several more weeks other than 1 gram of epson salts with every watering. I would use straight H2O at 6.5 and water to liberal run off and test a sample for PPMs and PH. A good target for these would 900-1200 with a PH of 6.5. If the PPMs are higher than 1200, it’s water only the next round, PH range is 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being optimum :love_you_gesture:


Soils like Happy Frog are slow release so I doubt its too much magnesium. Just a heads up too is that soil does not have enough to sustain a plant for the whole grow. Are you planning on transplanting??

@OGIncognito gave you some good advice. I also agree soil should be 6.5. Let us know if it progresses.

Good luck

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so did just as was suggested and they are definately looking better. I didnt take into account last grow i used coco and jacks. First time using either. This grow im back to happy frog. So im pretty sure i was over feeding. After watering tobrun off 4 days my ph is perfect and ppm are lowering to good levels. Plants look pretty good now. What do you suggest for topping/ training. Ive dont mainling previously. At this point ive topped from 6 to 7 down to 4th node. Took off only the 1st node. So i can do anything at this point still, i think. Thanks for the help!

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The plants look great Grow Bro, the training techniques I use depend on the grow space and height I have available :love_you_gesture:

Its a big open room. But you can figure theres 8 plants in a 4x8 space. 9 ft ceiling

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Great looking bunch. Growers choice on where to top with a 9’ ceiling. Expect them to grow 2-2.5 times their height during the stretch and early flowering period. When I run photo periods I top above the 4th or 5th node and remove every thing below #3 but I’m dealing with 6’ ceiling height. I do the same for auto flowering plants with pretty good success. I also grow in 3 gallon fab bags and see you’re twice that size…bigger pot bigger plants. What lighting are you using for these and how long due you plan on vegging them, this will determine your space management :love_you_gesture:

Topped above the 4th node left #3 and removed all growth below and LST training. Finished about 28” tall and yielded a little over 5 zips

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Im gonna try what you did there. Thats what i would like mine to do but just a little taller. My previous good grow i got 7 zips per plant so im hoping for that. I have 2 pro grow 1800s that im vegging with. Will add 2 hlg rspec fr and 2 nextlight 420h come flower. Last time i let them get about 4.5 to 5 ft and it was hard to manage so id like to stay shorter. I struggle on my timi g of the flip cause ive only done it 3 times. I ordered a 18000 btu ac unot so i should be able to manage my heat better this time. Thats the only area i was struggling to control. I ran a 6 gauge wire out to the panel now so that i can power whatever i need now. Befor i was kicking the sub panel breaker thats in my 2nd garage

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Excellent Brother!! This was an auto flower Blue Dream. This technique is what’s called a quadline due to leaving additional node unlike the manifold which I’ve had decent success with. I would say if you’re looking for taller you can still top above the 5th or 6th and veg around 6 weeks not counting the 2 week seedling period. I ran 6 photo period manifolds in 1 gallon pots with a 3 week flip and they hit 3’ easily after the stretch. Not a lot of weight but did a quick bud run

That quadline is what i did last time i think. But the article i read called it a modified mainline. It did work really well. In my experience the more plant material in the room the harder it is to control the humidity. Granted i have as many plants as possible in the space. So this time im dialing back a few plants and going to try to keep them a little smaller so its easier to manage.

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I did my cutting this morning. Most im topped at 4th or 5th and removed below 3rd like you mentioned. Som have funky growth so i did what i thought best to get what i wanted out of them. I have to say they are looking really good this time. My 1st 2 i vegged with nextlight 420h lights. They were short and stalky like i wanted. Last go round i vegged with scorpion rspec fr. They grew lanky and i didnt really care for it. So this time i bought pro grow 1800s and im really liking how they are growing. Growing more like the 420h did. These pro grow 1800s are hopefully going to be some killer lights. Are you familiar with any climate controllers? My control now i have to watch the room and manually adjust things so i have been looking at automating it more but i dont want to just wing it on buying one. Can i even integrate a 220v ac into it?

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Good to hear Grow Bro, aside from genetically determined plant structure lighting distance and intensity can play an early factor in node spacing. That scorpion RSPEC is a top notch light just probably more red spectrum than your current Pro Grow fixture. Are you keeping the cuttings from the topping for clones? :love_you_gesture:

No not keeping toppings. I barely have enough time to care for the plants like they should be so not trying to venture into cloning yet. Speaking of though what ppfd do you think should be going at them right now? Ive been at 400 to 420 and just bumpedbit to 460 to 480

:point_up_2: that’ll work :love_you_gesture:

So you had mentiined the first 2 weeks of life are seedling and not veg. So are there weeks you dont consider flower? When you flip there are weeks considered transition, right? Is that 1 or 2 weeks?

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