Miracle Gro nutes

Your germination instructions recommend using miracle gro but I have read in various places that the slow release nutrients could make it more difficult to administer nutrients later. I have some fox farm ocean forest on hand…would that be an acceptable substitute?

Thanks! (First time grower)

You should always start the seeds in seedling starter soil, regardless of brand. Miracle Gro starter mix has practically no nutrients in it to start with. Fox Farm Ocean forest is usually fine for later phases of growth.

Great…thanks for the quick response!

good info I don’t know much at all about soil growing but this time around I put the tops that I had cut off in a small bubbler until they got some good roots on them and planted them in bonsai potting mix I have them between my two veggie patches with some light shade cloth on four wooden stakes and using dutchmaster advanced series nutes and they are booming my brother and I cant believe it, and if it turns out to be good smoke I believe that I will forget about hydro! and grow outdoors, but yeah that depends on the quality of smoke.