Miracle Gro Bone Meal "Natural Root Builder"

So I just bought Miracle Gro Bone Meal to build my roots.

Plants are starting to grow their second set of true leaves and are all in small individual pots.

It’s ratio under “UK Fertiliser Declaration” is NP 5-16-0

Any advice on this root builder? How much to use per small pot etc??

None. At least not for a while. You did not mention what nutrients you are using, and bone meal is an ammendment. So; Cannot tell you how to ammend a soil of which we have no info.

Glad to try and help if more info provided for informed decision. Peace


This is the soil im using, no n-p-k ratio is givin :confused:

I haven’t fed the plants anything apart from water so far, no nutrients, they seem ok

Yes with vague information we can only give you vague answers. Usually the best mixture ratios will be on the product labeling/instructions its self. In general for seedlings, clones and very young plants start with half the recommended amount, keeping everything very dilute. Maybe even only 1/4 the recommended amount if you are very uncertain or very unfamiliar with any new nutrient or nutrient mix.

Orl Since you are just starting; Get a jug of Botanicare Pro Blend Plus. This is a really nice organic mix that will allow you to mix @ ratio 1 TBS per gallon of water. This will not burn your plants. I would get the gallon (wat better deal) Peace

Thanks a million I will 100% look into that.

The bone meal I have isnt water soluble, would it be best to chuck this and get a liquid based one?

The bone meal you have is for pre-mixing into your soil before you root a plant in it. You can keep it, it just may not help in your present situation.

Thanks for that MacGyver, I understand what that stuff is for now after some reading, made a nice soil for it for when the plant is flowering, its low in nitrogen but high in P and K so should be good for then.

As for now, I just got Baby Bio Orchid food, it’s low nutrient, NPK is 5.3 - 2.2 - 0.8, I figure this will be good now because the nitrogen is the same as the bone meal I just got, so I figure the plant will be well fit to take in the same nitrogen along with the increased P and K when it comes to flowering.

Just tried the Baby Bio on two plants first to see what the crack is, if alls good then happy days!

How does that sound? I think I’m starting to come to grips with the nutes side :slight_smile:

Bay Bio food -


Sorry. I meant Pure Blend Pro. Sorry. I have used this for seedlings; both veggies and mj. It comes in a grow
and a bloom 1 part. Great stuff…

Young plants need a nice balance of all 3 N-P-K, and trace elements also. Keep that in mind.

The Baby bio you bought has no potassium in it; So in my opinion, that would be OK at best. Potassium helps build strong roots, not just flowers. Make sure you don’t feed the plants until they have at least 4 full setrs of leaves and has developed some roots to allow for uptake of nutrients.

I advise you to get a real liquid fertilizer made and intended for what you are growing. You can get a great deal on Pure Blend Pro on ebay. FYI, I have been buying that way for 7 years, and have been moderating International websites over that time and had no security issues.


Latewood has good advice on nutes. And of course you can also look into using http://www.marijuanabooster.com/ as this is what our Robert Bergman now recommends. I have found using nutrient mixes that are intended for marijuana can make your life a whole lot easier, especially for the beginner. It just helps with the learning curve as you have that much fewer things to worry about and you can focus on learning through experience while tending your garden. And with less variables to mess things up, you’ll probably have better ideas of what is working well for you in your specific grow and discover what things are going wrong with less things to mess stuff up.

Right. The simpler you can grow in the beginning of your career, will allow you to learn how to grow the plant. Then you can start adding different additives, etc. Peace