Minimum age for cloning?

I have 4 strains of seeds coming and my plan sort of is to try sog. I’ll have 16 seeds. I wanted to plant these seeds as soon as possible and get under lights, I think I’ll have about 1 month to take out current grow and add the new ones (so newly seeded plants will only be about 1 month old). Is 1 month old too young to clone? I’d like to clone at least 1 of each for future clones (and let the mothers flower outdoors? I’m not sure about this).
It’s about $100 so it won’t kill me to repurchase seeds in a few months, but this way I’d be able to get min 2 indoor grows and whatever happens to outside plants.

If I don’t go the clone route I’ll plant all germed seeds in the 4’x2’ space and flip lights.


Is that a advance spectrum Maxx led you running if so what’s your take on the light?


Well first Welcome to ILGM

Well you have it all wrong my friend

1.) you will never fit 16 plants in a 4x2 space

2,) one month really isn’t long enough to clone. 6 to 7 weeks is much better

3,) Putting the mother’s outside you won’t be able clone but one time

4.) whats you lights for all three stages
there is so much more you need to know. While you wait on your seed visit this link and read it.
I will add a couple of other links for you to go over also



I have a Top Shelf Light 380 watt from wall (c600). It’s my 1st light so I have nothing to compare to. I think I spent a lot for it but I wanted a rectangular footprint instead of square. I also think I paid too much for it (1st timer) but I am extremely happy with it so far! It is just a little bigger footprint than the grow area. From their website : 12 Band Full Spectrum including UVB and IR wavelengths

Thank you very much for the info!! There’s so much learning to do (I’m lucky it’s interesting to me). If I’ll have enough extra seeds I won’t have to worry about outside mother plants. I’ve read SOG examples from 3 to 4 plants per square foot or 1 per sq foot. I’m really just going for the fastest turnaround.

Thanks again! Happy growing

It’s one plant per 2 sq. ft. a 4’x2’ tent is 8 sq. ft. or 4 plants


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Can anyone tell me what I have here besides a light ?

Thanks. Will

My guess is you have someone tied up in the box, or (better yet) you have a new light?