mid-July outdoor try for first crop

Brand-new grower-wannabe, here. I just got ten feminized Gelato seeds, and can’t wait until next Spring. We have a good, protected garden situation with enriched soil, and I’ll check the pH. I decided to soak two and see what happens in the growing time remaining. I anticipate getting them into the ground by July 6-7.

My guess is that the best to expect is that the plants will flourish and get to 3-4’ tall before flowering begins. Is that a reasonable expectation?


Depending on where you are at i would say that is reasonable, like here our season doesn’t end until the middle to end of October.


Just an FYI, if you put out a light (it can be pretty much anything) the plant will stay in the vegetative state (and therefore grow taller). And depending on where you live you can extend you harvest until as late as Nov.


Great idea!!


@snoid im going for it too buddy! Why not huh?! It’s a little late in the season for planting some new girls but I’m gonna go ahead and do the same. If all goes well we will both produce a decent yield before the freeze comes. Good luck and happy growing dude.

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oh right! didn’t give my location… because I got high

I’m just NW of Baltimore, MD, and I think our first frost happens during November. I’m guessing that flowering will commence in September. We shall see!

LOL I never hit post on this. here’s an update, Sep 17…plant is about 48" tall, has been flowering for a week or two. Just added some bloom nutesThisOneIsTheOnexxxxxxxyyyyyzzzzzpppuuu

Very nice!!

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