MH for flowering or switching to MH to finish

I’ve read some about using MH from veg all through flower and that many report lower overall yields but higher quality.

Also have read some suggestions to stick with MH through the first 2-3 weeks after switching to 12/12 to control stretch better and then to HPS for flowering and back to MH for ripening.

I know MH / HPS is old news but figured I’d see if anyone has any experience with this.

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I have zero experience with either of those. Not really science exact, but I’ve read a few threads that when they use both lights together they got better yields.


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MH does blues and UV. HPS does oranges and reds better. So for years we ran MH during veg to help control stretch and keep node spacing tight. Then when we switched to flower we added the HPS to add the orange and reds through stretch and then pulled the MH for the bulk of flower. Some folks used double umbrella reflectors or end to end setups or end to end setups with sealed reflectors for cooling air. I could not load my old junk tech up fast enough and haul it all to the local scrap yard after I got my first HLG LED. Be gone old junk tech, Be gone!!!

Yes under certain circumstances. In terms of spectral distribution there are many different varieties of things like mh or hps. I could get behind the idea of some better than others at specific points in grow. I don’t think the margin of differences in results us huge though.


From my experience of switching back to MH the last three weeks of flower I can definitely say they get alot more frostier.

@Deez Keystone Cops You tried this method yet? Seems to work. Hope all is well, we don’t see you on here much anymore.