Messed up light schedule early in veg causing stunted growth?

Hi all! Greetings from Ireland!

First off, im really happy to have found this place! Seems like a really good community and i really loom forward to further educating myself. So, many thanks in advance!

Have just started my first grow and i fear i may have hurt my plants already :frowning:

Heres whats going on so far…

Hi all.

I’m in week 3.5 of veg.

Started in 20oz water bottles (cut in half) Lights at 20hrs on and 4 hours off till the wete a few inches then went to 18/6.
After two weeks we transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots. After Transplant day we put light to 20/4 for a few days as I thought they might need the extra light.

We then put back to 18/6 with light coming on at 4pm.

Unfortunately the light coming on at 4pm was too late for me so we moved the 18/6 scheduled back so it was coming on at 12 noon.

They seem to have stopped growing. So I’m just wondering if all my stupid screwing around with the light schedule has stunted their growth?

They look and feel super healthy but they are just very squat for 3.5 weeks veg.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Additional info.

AC Infinity 4x4 grow tent.


Organic medium. (Compost/coco/perlite/seaweed fertiliser)

Seeds: white truffle, delux sugar cane and 11 roses. All feminised.

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You are probably just fine.
They May just be rooting in the new soil.
Intense light will make them short too.
Photone app will help with light intensity.


And Welcome to the forum.


Here are some pics…


Heres how they look now…

Thanks all!


For 3.5 weeks they look about right.
I think less light intensity will give you a little more spacing of the nodes.
But overall they look fine.

Dont know how often you are watering, but they look freshly watered so let them dry out before watering again. The pots should feel quite light if you lift them before next watering.

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Hey @Spiney_norman thanks for the help man!

Just gave them 1.5 liters each today. Wont be watering again until the medium is dry. Think im just going to leave them alone until then.

I’ll reduce the light down to 70% from tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Now im off to explore this awesome forum.

I’ll keep you posted.

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As @Spiney_norman mentions, make sure to follow a drench to drought watering practice. Overwatering, by definition is watering too often not watering too much, causes way more problems with our girls. Definitely let them dry so the roots get oxygen.

Ireland…my daughter and i want to visit there so badly. We have just started exploring where the best places there would be to visit. Any and all insight about your beautiful country would be greatly appreciated. Happy growing! :v:

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Welcome to the community , @Spiney_norman has you covered. Little more space on the nodes would be good.
Happy growing :v:

Possibly you walk slower with no shoes to comfort your feet?
ie. up-potting may have caused shock and a slower recovery in new (?) good (?) soil(?).
Same problem in my grow.

I water-board my plants, too.