Measuring liquid nutes

What are using to measure ml of liquid nutes.
Im getting away from the o!e trusty teaspoon tablespoons and trying to 0 in my grows.

Scale but I’m using dry nutes. Still would be the easiest way to 0 in

I use an eyedropper for ml and tsp…

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I use a medicine plunger that comes with infant cough medicine. Some go as low as .1ml. I have 2 that go to 5ml, but measure .25.

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I wasn’t even thinking. I had ordered a pack of blunt tip syringes off Amazon for like $6 and have several different sizes. I used those for my liquid nutrients back then

I have a hydrofarm shot glass that has ml on it its pretty sweet. Got it with a bunch of other free stuff at a nute demo. Advanced nutrients and fox farms had stands set up at my hydro shop

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I bought these back when I was feeding liquid nutes they’re pretty nice accurate and easy to sterilize


Pippets, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks y’all.
I’ll be switching to dry after I run through these gallons.
Been using gh 3 pt for years and just trying the 6 part pro medium schedule this run.

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I like shot glasses, have to keep my eye out for something like that just because :+1:

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Search hydrofarm mini measuring shot glass on amazon.

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I bought these for my dry amendments, the clip feature was the draw for me but the springs aren’t really strong enough but they work

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Found a 4pk of those 10ml pips for 9.75, they on the way.
When I go to dry I figured I’d use a small Digi scale. Is that not the way?
Dry nutes by weight? Not volume?
I truly don’t know. It’ll be almost a couple of years before I can switch so I haven’t done my homework on the subject.

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I just use a scoop one because I use a premixed product so I’m not mixing my nutrients I just feed from their mix and because every plant is different I make a judgment call on how much each plant gets. It’s far from exact measurements

Oh and the pipettes I bought a 4 pack and I found that in my ordered file so I don’t know why it came up a pack of two?? I saw it I just thought they changed their packaging I bought them like 3 years ago

OXO Good Grips 4-Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set,Clear,Clear+

I use those to fill my dab cartridges lol off topic

Yhup, pipettes are the shiz Shaz flip bam boom👍
I’m diggin’um

Ok, well not with that tar they call floralicious+

Riddle me this…gh 6 part nutes minus liquid kool bloom(not needed yet)
Had to use a couple half gallon jugs this morning.
1 mixed with gh 3 part plus cali magic = 568 ppm
1 mixed with the 3 plus cali magic and floralicious+ = 534 ppm

I use a 10ml syringe with a blunt tip needle. You can get them on Amazon.