Mealy bugs or stalk trying to root?

The stalks on my plants look like they are trying to put off roots… there was a period where the water level was low in the rdwc buckets…so the plants could have thought they were root bound…?? Bunch of bumps and what looks like corking on a jalapeño… where it splits the skin

… They aren’t scale/mealy bugs are they?

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Got me stumped

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My tomatoes plants get those usually from overwatering . This is from a farming guide and I know it’s for tomatoes but it looks exactly the same.

“The plant sends out a hormone called auxin to the tomato’s roots when there is a blockage in a branch. The hormone accumulates in the stem due to the blockage, forming a bump”

It could be similar and I think what the plant is doing is trying to shoot out roots from the stem due to the damage in the roots? Just my tomato two cents LOL

Seems normal to me. Never thought to ask about it. Nice!

Typically a plant sends hormones to diff area of the the plant for rooting. Then changes it’s mind when it’s not ideal. Then when the branches get woody and thick those spots become more visible. Some plants more so than others.

I’ve heard it could also be certain rooting nutes or kelps that could make the plant want to root… idk. Some people say it could be when roots run out of space.

Either way, nothing to worry about.

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It’s one of 2 things, normal bumps that just show up as the others have said or it is scale/barnacle/bugs, can be hard to tell as scale tries to mimic the natural growth bumps. Also could be a combination of both.

If plants are looking great and healthy than probably the former and nothing to worry about. If plants aren’t looking too good and having issues than may need to look into it further as plants will be unhealthy with having their life juices sucked out constantly by the scale. Check the leaves (and undersides) for any signs of these bumps, as the normal bumps will not be on leaves, but the scale can.

See if they can be removed by rubbing or picking off the stem, if so than it’s a scale or bug of some sort.

Can also try to blast some off the stems with a spray bottle with water (high pressure stream), if they come off then it’s scale. Can also apply some capt jacks dead bug (or any spinosad based pesticide) and see how the “bumps” react.


Whoa! That’s wild. Never got a chance to see those in person. Man, nature is insane. LOL.

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They pop off easily but part of the “bark” is gone where they were so I’m gonna say they aren’t bugs…