MDGrower’s Second Mixed Grow!

Hey everybody! My second grow will consist of 3 Bruce Banner Autos and 3 Gorilla Glue 4 Autos as well as (as of now) 4 Lemon Skunk OG plants (from seed I found in pack) which I’ve germinated and have yet to determine whether they are photos, autos, male, or female. I’ll be growing them all in soil which I have acidified and amended with homemade compost and topsoil. I will be feeding them with CalMag and general hydroponics nutrients series as well as phing the water with general hydroponics ph test kit. I will be implementing LST method for the autos and the same + pruning and other techniques for the Lemon Skunks if they turn out to be photos.

@MDGrower May you have a good grow and heavy yield.

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Update: of the lemon skunk’s that germinated, one has survived to this point. My dog killed one of the plants and the others just wilted. Not surprising considering questionable and unknown genetics. Just street weed u feel. But, the one that survived turned out to be an auto( I think) because it’s hitting preflower while still small. I can’t lie, I’ve been so busy with work that I have neglected it. It’s been raining so it’s been fine, but I haven’t been feeding for a while. It still seems pretty healthy, just a little low on foliage. I don’t really care what happens to this lemon skunk auto but I transplanted it into a larger pot into pure compost from my garden. I’m gonna feed it the normal recommended doses now but if I see nute burn due to compost on top of feeding, I’ll tapir that down. In regards to the BB and GG4 auto seeds I had- none of them germinated. Had to get replacement seeds sent and I’m hoping these guys will germinate. It’s still quite warm here but early mornings and nights are getting down to around 60 F, so I’ll probably grow this lemon skunk either to finish out doors or move it indoors for it’s last few weeks. Probably won’t start the GG4’s and BB autos until my light is moved and I have a table to put them on indoors. I’m not gonna use any special light or tent because I can’t be bothered, I’m just gonna use my bright spectrum CFL light I used to start all my garden seedlings. Hopefully this should suffice for autos anyways since they don’t rely on light cycle. Gonna put the new seeds into straight coco maybe with vermiculite most likely and feed my normal nutes.

Here is the LSA