Maybe I'm just impatient?

So its my first grow, and im super excited! Maybe too excited. Lol

Im using 3prts peatmoss, 2 parts compost, 1 prt perlite, 1pt vermiculite in 5 gal. Growing Autoseeds Diesel Berry Autoower. I popped 2 seeds a week ago, got a good taproot, put it in soil, and have been only watering via spray mist. Going on 5 days now. Im using a 1000w LED in a 4X7 room with a sloping height from 7ft to roughly 8ft.

I went ahead popped the other 3 seeds and they were put into soil 48hours ago roughly.

One of my first two, is doing the best, the second one hadnt broke dirt so I uncovered him a bit, and shes just kind of laying there…

Maybe its just bc i have the first time jitters or something, but i feel its slow going. Upon reading, rereading, searching, im finding great information, but i like direct feedback. Thank you!

I germed seeds in a cup of water for 24 hrs then paper towel for another 24 hours. Then dirt.

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Just give them some time and make sure not to over water them starting off in a bigger medium it can easily happen good luck

U seem to be off to a great start btw

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Welcome to the forum!


Yesss and welcome to our community

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Thanks! I am so stoked to be a part of this community!

Patience is not my strongest suit, but im learning!
Thanks for confidence booster!

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Thank you!

You’re welcome, tag me any time. Out of likes for the next 2 hours.


Mr. Miagie( the old dude from karate kid). “Patience Daniel son”

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Again, welcome to the community! Tons of great people here to help you, they’ve helped me a lot as I’m relatively new as well :slight_smile: We’ve just been through exactly what you’re going through and it took us forever to find the solution, note that this is just our experience, but I want to share in case it helps.

Used almost the exact same potting mix (3 parts peat moss, 3 parts compost, 2 parts perlite 1 part vermiculite) and got absolutely nowhere. The tiny seedlings stayed the same size, maybe an inch tall, for almost a month before eventually just yellowing and damping off. Watering correctly was almost impossible and we ran into tons of problems. We eventually concluded (after trying everything else) that this soil mix is no good.

Switching to coco coir and perlite changed EVERYTHING. A month into our grow and we have big, bushy plants that are halfway through the vegetative stage where there used to be nothing but stunted and frustrating tiny seedlings. Watering and feeding is so much more straightforward.

Hopefully this is not the case for you and your seedlings pull through, it’s totally possible and I would never claim to be an expert on these things! But they don’t come through despite your best efforts, switching to coco coir for your next grow is my recommendation.


I am right there with you man. Unfortunately my very first plant turned out to be male. 13 days in to my second one, this time I know what I am growing. This place is great, and I am chomping at the bit just as much as you.


So its been 5 days and Im not much further progressed than before. There is growth and change but its SOOOO minimal… as much as Id hate to start over again, I have a feeling Im going to have to. Maybe switch soils to coco like mentioned above… idk

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So you use coco coir and perlite only?


Found # 3 buried and helmet headed, #4 was Dead woth just a little taproot still. Moldy.

This is #3

Have you ever sieved or sifted your ingredients before using them? Peat is easy, but “compost” can have some serious trash in it. Trash meaning chunks of mulch and limbs and roots even rocks and plastic. I’ve used mushroom compost and cow manure compost only. Mix at 2x2x1 peat compost and gardening soil. No percolite or vermiculite, that’s for houseplants and flowers. Every grow I have ever used “potting soil” has come out small or died off and always needed nutrients after 30 days that dont match what was in there so its shocked and yield drops. If you feel like no perc or verm is strange or odd or crazy that’s cool but here’s WW at week 9 with 2x2x1 and not a grain of the perc or verm.


Man I might have to look into trying that myself ur plants look stellar great job if u have a journal I’d love for u to tag me

I did not sift! I have heard of it and will absolutely be doing this next time! As for your medium that sounds wild but your proof is stellar! I will have to give this mix a try!

So when did u have to add nutes u did at some point right?

Thanks, I transferred my outdoor commando grow skills towards this. I haven’t done inside since the early 90s and yields were not impressive with seeds from your helpful suppliers that went allover the place. What? I just spent 60 days under the 350w MH for 4 males! :roll_eyes: :smile::pensive: Now its a lot simpler to really F sh*t up really fast :smirk: and this is the place to try an fix it. I thank you all.

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I just tossed a male this morning

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