Maybe calcium? Or light burn?

Im using a hlg 600R and recently have had this moving thru kinda quick,i know these lights suck ou the calcium but i have been adding extra quite often,anybody got an opinion as always is appreciated


Looks a little more like potassium def.


That looks like more of a phosphorus/potassium issue than cal/mag. Im not seeing any pests or signs of them. Do you know the ph of nutrients/water going in as well as your runoff. Tds readings as well


Looks like Phosphorus to me?? What do your run off numbers tell you…PH and PPMS :love_you_gesture:


Too much calmag will block p and k, learned the hard way. My guess…but lightburn can look like that too, lightburn can have alot of different looks as well.


Well I’ve been using only distilled water on them I do test for the phosphorus and potassium it shows that they are high in it I’m only using those capsule type test in the little tubes I put some lime to it today see if it would make a difference raise the light about 8 in checked it everyday because it does look like potassium to me also but it says it’s got plenty in there so I did use a little kill mag the other day but only a teaspoon they’re in 10 gallon pots

Hey its a small world i left watkins glen ny bout 12 years ago when it wouldnt stop snowin

Yeah I’m thinking now maybe that’s what happened that locked out is there any way to get around that or does it just kind of shut down

I’m in 10 gallon pots under a pretty decent LED setup myself. I add anywhere from 3 to 5 milliliters of cal/mag every time I feed. I endured some spots that looked like yours back when I was in vegetative stage. I used some light cal/mag and some powdered azomite I picked up from my local greenhouse. Cleared it right up in a couple weeks.

Um how do you test for specifics? That would be SUPER helpful

Also to chime on the issue, looks like a bloom deficiency to me as well (P or K).

How much have you been supplementing and how often?

Also how old (and long into flowering)?

Im about a hr from Watkins glenn. Ya the thing with calmag and nutrients is that they need to be balanced. If your adding extra and make it unbalanced it will certainly block out the pk. Flush will fix it as long as you keep it all balanced. Why i like jacks its all balanced. Alot of growers though, me included have caused this when exposing plants to a high ppfd bc that will also look like a calmag deficiency so your adding more and then you got light burn with a nute deficiency on top.