Mature leaves turning brown

I have a Blue Dream Autoflower that is in week 5 of flowering and some of the mature leaves are turning a brownish color. Not all of them just a few on the upper part of the plant. I am using Fox farm soil and I am feeding every 3 - 4 days. I feed nutrients every 2 feedings and just water on the 3rd feeding. I have 2 other plants in the tent, a Purple Punch and a GSC Extreme. They are doing very well well. I am currently feeding
1 - Tbls Big Bloom
2- Tsp Grow Big
1 - Tsp Tiger Bloom
1 - Tsp Cal-mag
Does anyone know what might be going on? This is my 5th Blue Dream that I have attempted. The first 2 didn’t bud well (buds were thin and had no weight to them, you could actually see through them) I had 1 that never got past one little leaf after sprouting and I gave it 3 weeks before I gave up, and the last 2 (which the one in question is a part of) were very stunted in growth (this has not happened to any of the other strains I’ve grown).

Have you done a sledgehammer flush?
Are you monitoring pH out at runoff?
Do you know both your ppm’s going in when you feed and the ppm’s coming out in the runoff?


Please excuse my ignorance, but I am still learning. What is a sledgehammer flush? How many gallons of water are required? I have not yet purchased a ppm meter. So I am not sure what those levels are. I need to make that investment.

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I would follow-up and make sure the pH is under control, but expect plant colors to fade at this point in the grow.

The trio that you are using for food is salt based and builds up in the soil. FoxFarms recommends when using the trio you do a scheduled flush and they have charts showing all of this.
Here is one for soil in general

and here is one for Happy Frog soil

Thanks for the guide. I will pick up some sledgehammer today. I love this forum, and all of you ladies and gentlemen have been a great help :+1:. Much appreciated and HAPPY GROWING!!!

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No problem. As for tools, I think the 2 most important are the pH pen and the TDS/PPM pen, especially when growing in soil.

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Here is a cheap pen unit it’s like a knockoff of a good brand. I never got this to test it against mine. I know it’s better than what you’re using LOL.
Very important pH level going in and out and how many PPM is going in and out.
This round for me I’ve been trying to more the runoff.
Like for me I’m using Fox farm it may have 10% of cultivation nation which is cocoa and perlite. Anyways I make sure my pH meter is always 6.5 oh going in and every time I’m testing it’s about 5.8. and my pots per million are in between 1,000 and 1,100. Some may say this is all high but this round I’m watching. My other grows were getting really high up there on the ppms going out
Sledgehammer is a must to always have to flush out plants in need and ending harvest. They say if you have a five gallon pot you need to flush it with 15 gallons of Ph water. So for me I got 10 gallon fabric pots not filled to the top so I call it about 9:00 about 25 gallons of water is what I flush each one of mine out with.
The guys above me who chimed in are all awesome this community is awesome for help good luck.

This is my three-headed monster I call her. I must have done something she sprouted to 4 ft autoflowers amnesia Haze seeds from here all fox farm products. She got so tall I didn’t realize when I grabbed her and I picked her up she hit the lights snap the top and I splinted back together. The shock of her going from a nice straight to a 90° bend just laying there saying what did you do. That’s why I think it at the end it turned into a three Bud head monster. Good luck

Top view

It looks great to me! Thank you so much for the advice. I am going to work on getting the meter tomorrow.

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That’s like a knockoff apera pc 60. I’m doing the last watering of my last plant I just looked to see what the model was. I just took some new photos. And FYI I don’t think these look that great to stop the yellow and I try to keep up with everything Cal :potted_plant: mag 2 day ago then water w hydroperoxide, then tiger :tiger: bloom :tiger: today. Because I’m putting full gallons in each one I get good runoff and I’m reading ppms are good pH could be a little higher.
Advice from people should I go to 6.6 on my pH water going in to bring up the pH going out from 5.5 5.6 to 6? Or better…