Brown leaves on new plants

Hi, I’m on my 3rd grow and I’m having an issue with some brown leaves. They are in 7 gallon pots with Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. I’ve been using distilled water, but have not tested the soil yet. Plants are 3 weeks old. Just started feeding with small amount of Fox Farm Nutes.

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Probably a little early for nutes. I grow in Happy Frog and never feed until 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant. The best think to do is measure your PPM and feed when PPM gets down to about 800.

It doesn’t look like nute burn to me. It looks like the discoloration is among older leaves, which is normal.

You might think about backing your light(s) off a bit to encourage her to stretch out. It’s going to get dense with those nodes so close together.

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Thanks FixerPower…I backed off the lights(good tip, thanks). Is there a reliable PPM meter you can recommend? Thanks again for the help.

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Just thought of another potential issue. Could it be because my tent is in the basement and I live in the northeast and it gets cold when my lights are off(18hrs on 6hrs off)? Saw another brown leaf more towards the top of plant this morning.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the odd brown leaf so long as you are getting healthy new growth.

I use an Apera PC60. It also functions as a pH meter. It’s pricy, but it is a good meter. I’m not too familiar with other options. There are probably some cheaper options out there that work just fine.

It doesn’t look like cold damage. I agree about not adding nutrients yet but, with distilled water, you need to add Cal/Mag but make sure it doesn’t have much or any nitrogen. I use General Organics and it has molasses in it which is a bonus! The second and third pic look like Calcium deficiency.

Are you pH’ing your water before watering?

My PPM meter is from Blue Labs… it’s pricey but very reliable.

Thanks Caligurl. I ended up buying a heater to warm outside air oroumd tent. How about the floor? Plants are about an inch off the floor on makeshift plant pedestals.

I am using distilled water or tap water with a couple drops of lemon to bring ph down to 6.5.

Thanks for the tip with cal mag. Will try that too.