Marijuana soil and pot questions

Some questions from a fellow grower:

I got a question. Is it better to :
1.use only low-nutrient soil
with perlite for planting germinated seeds and then
transplanting them into my mix (10% californian eartworm humus,
30% perlite, 50% fine soil (treset), 10% soil enriched with guano,
50g of additional guanokalong)
2.plant them in big pot where they will be until harvest with this mix?
Do you think this mix is good? Any advice is welcome. Additional
info: 25 Celsius degrees(20 at night), 65% humidity all time long.
Also I gotta mention that I am not experienced with transplanting
and that’s why I prefer planting in final pot to avoid problems

1st; I would like to say; "Nice organic mix! If I didn’t have so many projects going on already, I would try that. Transplanting is easy; Just treat the plant gently, and it would be advisable to search the site for tutorial on transplanting.

Anyway; You want answers.

  1. There several opinions one could recommend.

b. I believe you can start the plants as you described. I like your mix. It is apparent you have put a lot of thought into this.

  1. It is better to start plant in smaller pots and replant to a gallon, then a 3 gallon pot for the grow. This will give you a broader root zone throughout your grow.