Marijuana seeds dropping from plant

A question from a fellow growe:

why would fruity chronic white widow 4th or 5th week in flowering have seeds dropping into the soil

The plants got pollinated. Either a male is in the room or they turned hermie. Light leak, PH problems, Stress. Some how male pollen got on those buds.

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I don’t know much about that specific strain – fruity chronic white widow. Sounds like a whole lot going on there, lol. A fruity kush, the strain “Chronic” and white widow are probably all part of its heritage.

But as Scottscot said, different stress in the environment can contribute to a plant growing hermaphrodite flowers. Also some strains do just develop late flower hermaphrodite flowers, these types of strains need to be closely watched during flower and harvested a bit early, before any of the hermie flowers start showing up and pollinating the buds.

My thoughts are,the pollen came from somewhere. Right?

1st time I heard anyone say; “Seeds are dropping off my plant” My 1st thought was; “That’s a good one” "D

I agree with all of the above. If the hybrid strain you grew is was not back bred for stability, this could cause this also.

Hope this info helps.

Well like the other guy said they were either pollinated from stuff getting on your coat and going right into your grow room, or you were at a house that grows maybe some polin got on your cloths . or you grew other plants in there were ur plants are now. Pollin can be on your walls, ground or any were else in your grow room u must always clean your grow room with bkeach and water after every cycle. Or the last way is the plants got to stressed or were not taking care of the best they can turn in to call Hamorphodite. Thats prob spelled wrong but I mean it turns from a female into both male and female. The best thing for u to do is finish up with the ones flowering and then clean the hell out of that room then start from seeds. I hope that helps you .

So if your fem plant has seeds. Are they ok to use?

Yes, you can use the seeds. You can always grow new plants from any seed you might get in your crop.

And if they are from late stage hermaphrodites the seeds are almost the same thing as feminized seeds, and you will get female plants almost just the same as the parent, assuming it was from the parent plant and not pollen that somehow came from some other plant. Keep in mind, the fact that the seed came from a plant that might develop hermaphrodite flowers late, might mean the seed will be as likely or maybe even more likely to develop hermaphrodite flowers, and if you keep repeating the process you may be getting seeds that will always produce hermaphrodites, maybe even early instead of only late.

Thanks. It’s a bummer because I was really looking forward to this crop. It’s the first one with the super silver haze seeds that I bought. They really looked good coming up. Thanks for the info. I will try them again.

Hey, remove the seeds, you have some if you do need to plant them later, or give them away to friends, lol, smoke the cleaned bud. It could’ve been worse.

Yes, if you have any first generation feminsed, try again, and with better growing techniques and maybe less stress on the plant next time the harvest will be even better and seedless :smile:

On the bright side now you don’t have to pay for seeds.

I was actually considering trying to grow a male plant and letting him do his thing in a closet with a female or two so I’d have a supply of seeds… My living arrangements aren’t conducive to cloning.

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