Marijuana not flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

I planted some seed in a grow box on March 16th I am still not seeing any signs of flowering. I have followed the instruction that came with very very close. What am I doing wrong?

you have to go to 12/12 for it to flower

A grow box where? What is the photo period (how many hours of light /dark per day? Is this inside or outside?

I unfortunately had a problem with the feminised amnesia seeds I had purchased from ILGM not flowering out of the 10 I purchased 3 flowered 3 I had to rip out cause they were male and 4 didn’t germinate following all instructions exactly sent email explaining what happened I never got a reply or replacements it’s now been over 3 months! I want to order more of a couple of different strains but now I am worried the positive is the 3 that did flower were excellent in every way!

what email did you send your complaint too? Claire replied to alot of my questions customer service was excellent but I haven’t heard from ILGM since my complaint

Thinking about it even though only 3 flowered it was still well worth the money for the amount of quality bud I got off them 31 and a half ounces I still have 18 ounces left as I do not sell only grow for myself and only my brother knows I grow

Replacement seeds are in the mail :smiley: