Marijuana lights for sprouts

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a grow room, a shower room 3’ x 4’, mylar on the walls.

and a very high intensity light capable of producing 650, 700, 1,000 watts or more.

With new sprouts, whats the best wattage? the sprouts are about 5’ from the light. and wow a lot of heat from the light source.

What kind of lights? HPS, MH? Regular mylar on the wall may be too reflective for HID lights, you could get reflective hot spots, flat white paint, high in titanium content, would be better or since it’s a shower room, plain white tile. New sprouts need to be acclimated to more intense light over time.

You need a 2 c 4’, or smaller. a 2 x 2" fluorsecent lamp. Then buy a couple sunmaster fluoro bulbs.

I actuall veg seedlings under a 200 watt MH, or a 400w MH; If they are available. I also have used 45 watt CFLs, as well.

All do a good job. The trick is in the height you set your lamps at.

For a fluoro of any type. You can get your lights within 2-3" up to a foot for the larger lamps.

With HID (MH, or HPS) you need at least 36" above plants under a 250-400w lamp.