Marijuana camouflage

A question from a fellow grower:

You think cannabis would blend in with bell pepper plants. As well it does with tomatoes

Tomatoes have longer broader leaves, but both can be supported to grow high, with trellising or vertical techniques.

Around this part of the country. Country folk tend to grow their “weed” around their corn fields. well; At least the young whipper’ snappers do; Without grandpas knowledge. heh heh heh

I have an outdoor plant in a big pot next to a big batch of weeds. It blends right in! The other two are hidden on my property where no one can see them. My husband doesn’t even know I’m growing! Ha! He never sets foot outside anyway, he’ll never find them until it’s time to harvest. I’m trying to grow White Widow for the medicinal properties to help treat chronic pain. I had originally put the potted plant next to a couple of tomatoes, but the plant would have been visible to outsiders.

I’ve got a concern about one of the plants I put in my fields. My 82 year-old neighbor lady was down there picking blackberries right next to my baby. She could obviously see I had something planted there, but I doubt she knows what it is. The plant is only about 2 inches tall at this point. I’m thinking I should move it into a large container up by the house. The one I have planted in a big pot in the back yard area is doing really well and it can’t be seen by neighbors.

Is it okay to move the plant since it’s still so small? Do you think it would survive the move?

As long as you don’t hurt the roots, if you mean you have to dig it up, it will survive.

Something to think about from my buddies at

Hi MacGyver,

Thanks for the link. I read the article. Might need to make a trip to the craft store and get some of those flowers.

I was able to move my little baby today. I think it will do even better in it’s new location in the pot. It gets more sun, and the other one I have right next to it is already twice it’s size. I may even bring up the third plant I’ve still got down in my fields. It’s harder to find than the other one I moved today. But what the hell … my little old lady neighbor was down there with clippers cutting back the blackberries! Yikes … all three of them may be safer up closer to the house where I can keep an eye on them. I wish I could just tell her to stay off my property, but it would raise more questions if I was to suddenly do that.

I hope it it all works out for you, it sounds like it is so far. Yeah, in the case of the old lady, it might not be a good idea, she may want to clip off a flower, or a few, to put in her water vase on the table, lol.

Love the silk flower idea. there are so many different designs.

down here in the South; We camouflage cannabis grows by growing them along side of Corn.

The silk flowers would be lovely, but in this case, I think they would draw too much attention. I’ve painted the pots “camo” green (found at the local walmart) and they blend in nicely with the weeds behind them. I brought up my third plant today … she wasn’t looking all that great. I think she’ll do better in the pot with lots more sunshine.

The only corn field around here belongs to the local hell fire and brimstone preacher! Think I’ll pass on his fields.

My babies will be okay where they are now. I’ve got an acre next to the house that is fenced and two big dogs. Nobody comes in my gate without me going out to get them!

Thanks for all the camo tips. Also the link to that other website. I’ll take a picture of my little pot garden soon.

My plants are now 3 weeks old. Going to try to post a few pics.

Damn … I’ve tried everything and can’t get the pictures to upload. Could someone help me out with this? I tried using the “picture link” above but it didn’t work.

I had a question about two of my plants and was hoping you could take a look at them.

Thanks for any help,

Going to try the picture thing one more time.

The plants are just three weeks old. The one in the middle I started in the pot and the two on the sides were started in my fields and then I had to move them about a week ago. They don’t seem very sturdy so I had to figure out a way to stake them. I put those tomato cage thingys around my plants so I could hang my hair on the wires to keep the deer and rabbits away.

Nice little set up. Love the fore thought to go ahead and add the tomato supports.

Newbie here. I have a great sunny all day spot in the back yard garden. It is right next to a 6’ shiny white PVC fence. On the other side of the fence is a sidewalk and then the street, where people walk their dogs, kids, etc. The question is, do mature growing plants give off the unmistakable heavy odor of pot?

If you know the smell, you’ll recognize it when walking your dog :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy sh*t those never get busted dvd’s are f-in hilarious!

Yes it will smell like crazy! That is how people are always getting busted, a police officer smells it walking by a house, even growing inside, outside along a fence and everybody is going to smell it for sure!

My friend Gary at Never Get Busted is hilarious and so are his videos! And he has tons of great ideas to keep you safe legally, at least until cannabis is completely legal in the USA.

Here’s a picture of my camo. No one can see the plants from any direction, except my husband … and he has yet to notice them!

I just hope they will get big enough before the middle of September.