Heat signatures of smaller plants

I am at the point of translating my plants to their new outdoor homes. I have 100+ acres of densely wooded land. The plan is to position individual plants where light shines through the upper canopy of trees. Our local PD has a helicopter that searches for grows using thermal cameras. My question is this: the plants I’ve selected are auto flowering and only grow to a max 32-36" height. Will these small plants give off a heat signature I should be worried about?

I may be mistaken but where I’m from the state police used thermal cameras to look for indoor grow operations not outdoor. Cannabis plants stand out like a sore thumb from the air because they aren’t a native plant in this region. That’s how they do it around here anyway.


No cannabis give off a certain uv from what I’ve read. But also if they do that without a warrent and bust u it’s a violation of ur rights. Police are not allowed to scan a property or house without reasonable cause.


Yeah because that’s a thing. They go scanning first and find it then that is their reasonable cause. Thank god for legalization.

Yeah well for the people who get busted at least u know ur laws and can fight and get it thrown out. They dont scan up here very often at all.

Let’s see who gets this :joy:

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I had a friend who used to “disguise” his outdoor plants by placing red synthetic flowers on them, and, after i saw them, i would say it works specially on a trained plant…
It just wont look like a cannabis plant to 99% of the people who see them from a distance.