Manifold for Colas

Hello all :dash::dash: When manifolding do I continue removing all side bud sites below my 8 tops ? Just flipping to 12/12. Thanks

I just was researching mainlining on the googly. I found a grower named Nebula Haze and there was another but I can’t remember the name. He had a good tutorial on mainlining seeds and clones.

Also use the search function and search mainlining on this forum. You will find some amazing growers that have perfected this technique.

Also on the main menu there are guides/publications and mainline might be address in one of those.


@Arrow is the man you need to talk to and check out his grows


Nug Bucket developed the mainline and Nebula Haze modified it with 1 less topping calling it the manifold. :love_you_gesture:


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Generally trained that way yes. Any side buds you leave on week shrink your main buds somewhat

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thanks for tagging Josh … :+1: :wink:
yes, remove all suckers , but up to a point …this is a very grey area…different strains will obviously react differently…my advice is to always try and grow one strain twice, in any said environ…it must be understood that this is an advanced technique, and takes some time to actually perfect…

this :point_up_2: is a 12 cola, mainlined bonsai…

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Very nice :love_you_gesture:

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thank you :pray: …it does not yield much, but i dont grow them for yield… :wink: :peace_symbol:


Out of likes Arrow, but brother that is bad Azz! I’m trying 2 manifolds on 2 autos knowing this could be disastrous :pray::pray::pray:. I have a white widow photo manifold in 7 weeks of veg. I’ve been waiting on space in my tent or closet to flip her. Taking clones from her at the moment. It was more of a modified manifold.


:popcorn:…im watching :eyes: …have fun with it…lots of great growers are here to help … :sunglasses: :v:

Thanks Bro, still out of likes :love_you_gesture:

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OG if you could tag me in yours I’d love to check it out

You bet brother, you can check out my newly single legged manifold GSC :joy::joy: