Mango Sherbert indoor by The Humboldt Seed Co

This is the start of my 3rd grow, I’m about to start the seeds for some mango sherbert. From what I hear sherbert is a good strain for hash and that’s my main goal. Do I have anyone here who makes ice hash?

I’m starting 5 plants and I’ll take the best one at the end of veg to cut into clones for a second run to make hash (I want all one pheno for the hash) but first I have a few obstacles to overcome and was hoping for a little help but first here’s my set up.

4x4 gorilla grow tent

Genetics - The Humboldt Seed Co. Mango sherbert

Ventilation - hurricane 6" in-line fan (435 CFM) and a hurricane wall mount fan I still haven’t figured out how to get up in the tent but it’s super nice I don’t remember the specs and a standard fan that raises and lowers.

Light- for seedling and veg I’ll be using a 110w gixxer Amazon light (only veg for when I cut the clones) main light is a BudgetLED 260w series 3+ red spec 3500k for veg and flower (this one will be used until I cut the one plant into clones)

Soil - Fox farms ocean forest

Nutrients - full Fox farms line-up for my soil grow

Now I’m about to move (maybe a full month before I can put up the tent) but Im trying to start the plants now. Would a temporary start in a lower quality environment make a large impact on the outcome of my plants?

Does anyone have advice on starting an indoor plant then moving it without picking up and pests or mold spores from the trip? I know people buy clones and shit from cannabis cup so I know it’s do-able I’ve just never done it :joy::joy: any advice is greatly appreciated thank you! This will be a fun grow and I’d like to thank everyone whose helped me out on my past 2 grows. I’ll tag you all in the next post.


@Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @Bubblehead @Enlightened420 @kaptain3d @TDubWilly @imSICKkid @Skydiver @beardless @Green707Thumb thank you all for the help and I hope you join me in this next grow :pray:


Delayed but here’s the seeds.


I believe @Hoppiefrog does and maybe @Budbrother :thinking:

That’s basically what I do… and my results are not so bad… I only have blurples available for most of their veg, but I just veg a little bit longer when my tent becomes available…

and for disinfecting your plants, I think @Hoppiefrog and a few others were using something called Gro-Wash…

and finally : Thanks for the tag sir, I will put my learning hat on and follow avidly! :nerd_face:


@kaptain3d thanks for following and if it’s do-able then it seems like I should start germing these seeds


If you’re a patient man, there should not be any major set-back, apart from the time it will take to reach the point where you want to flip them! :nerd_face:

Also I have to say : Take whatever I say as my personal opinion only, I am still learning and enjoying myself. I don’t have that much experience but I like to learn and share! :nerd_face:


Helllll yea @Hello777hi I can smell those nugs already - HSC :fire: :fire: :fire:


@kaptain3d I’m not sure patient but I try my hardest. All of our opinions make a decision :joy::joy:

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Appreciate the tag, sounds delicious, I’m along for the ride :v:


I use my 450w Viparspectra’s to start my seedlings and use them to veg until my first transplant into 5 gallon fabric pots. I believe they actually do a good job to start plants with. So like @kaptain3d I believe not having what you might consider perfect conditions won’t be that detrimental to your plants. As long as they are getting enough light and reasonable environmental conditions they’ll be fine. If you think that you will be moving while they are in flower I would be more concerned. As far as moving plants and concern that you may pick up some unwanted guests during the move,just try not to leave them sitting outdoors or in a area that you know may have spiders and other pest. I wanted to add I have BudgetLed series 2 260w Rspec lights and had great results when using them. So I’m anxious to see how your series 3 do with your grow. Good Luck, I’m set to watch.


@Bulldognuts the series 3+ red spec is what I used for my last grow and I was blown away. I wouldn’t have a tent or proper area for the plans right now just that light on low keeping them alive until I move. Theyll definitely still be in veg when I move. They’ll be going from my closet into a box to my new house into a closet for a week while I prep the tent. So 6 weeks from now theyll be in a ten so I’m assuming they’ll just be at the start side of veg. 1 week to sprout up another week or so for seedling and such ya know. Thanks man glad you have you joining along!


@Hello777hi mango sherbert sounds yummy!!! Set to follow if you dont mind! Stay Safe and Lit My Friend!:fire::fire::fire::v::v:


@Ah-hee glad to have you join! I just put them in some water to germ I’ll be back with updates when they go to soil!


I believe the first is setup to do the best job from start to finish. The second is designed more for flower. On the second one if you get the 3500k it would be OK from start to finish.


@Bulldognuts the second one is the one I have now in 3500k

The first one is new but will it do as well or better in flower? I’m not sure if it’ll make much of a difference

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@Bulldognuts I cannot edit it is that gonna get me in trouble on here?

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