Male preflower?

This is a bag seed of gg4 have it under 18/6 for about 2 months from germination. Does this look like a male preflower?


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Is to early to know if is a male plant​:+1::christmas_tree:


That’s what i was thinking but was noticing that its only on about 2 spots.

@Joejoesmack she now is in end of veg. Stage and went pistils started coming out that’s mean she is female and if she don’t show sing of pistils is a male

Male sing look like cocos

To early to tell for sure.

Please try not to make multiple threads of the same topic. But this was my reply to the duplicate. Watch this spot it looks like the beginning of a male flower, but it could be new growth…


See this pic Ryan posted. Follow it. Watch that spot. It looks male to me even being that small. Female preflowers would be more of a point to the top of that part where this one appears to be flat thru the center. Fems have a point that is just super noticable. It could be fem and looks male right now but I’d watch the plant at that spot. If u notice it get a bit bigger or seem to open at all shoot a pic. I’m gonna lean towards a male tho sorry if so hope it is fem for u but looks total male so far. Good luck tag me in the next post.


So as ly light kicks on this morning this is the forst noticeable spot i see that loos new. But can this be an early fem?

I too am stumped …I’m struggling with "do i destroy it, or wait another week? Im about 7 weeks from germination.

If it were mine I’d chop it

If this was a fem I’d say keep it going but knowing the above I’d definitely chop it this is not what you want to see with a bag seed. This is exactly why they’re not worth the time

Yes mine is a bag seed. The ONLY one seed that was there, i figured it was a long shot but wanted to see what happened as the flower that it was in was very flavourful.
So at this point its safe to say my goodbyes?

So at this point is it safe to say my goodbyes and destroy it? It was a bag seed and my first grow in a long long time.

Wasn’t talking to you I was responding to the op then I realized it’s an old thread

I would wait 5-7 more days and know for sure. There is no way that would release pollen until it started to swell. I bet even if it’s balls to the wall, there would be no pollen for at least 14 days. I love sprouting bag seed on the side so I Admit my bias. :point_left::heart:

When I grew out Grinspoon from Barney’s, the females all looked male. I thought the whole pack was boys except 1 female. Turned out the calyxes just had a weird shape to them that was chunky and round like a boy. I bet I ripped out a bunch of fine ladies. The one I kept for “pollen” looked butch her whole flower, yet was all lady. Not the norm, but definitely a reason to give it another week. In my humble opinion.

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Alright. I apologize. I didn’t want to make a new thread so i was hoping to post here and get some help determining my next step here thanks though!

Alright. I just noticed them yesterday. Ill give it another week or so. I do have some autos that sprouted a few days ago, just dont need a mishap! Lol

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Good call on talking me into keeping her around. I noticed pistols popping last night. Shes been in the tent with my autos on 18-6 light schedule. I also noticed this morning my gorilla cookies autos are popping pistols at just 23 days!

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