Are you a boy? Or a girl?

Most of the time that’s not a question the majority of us are asking. Once in a while though we do have a few wondering minds. Preflower is an important stage in your mature all vegged out plants life. When it’s time to focus on producing her lovely flowers. It’s before that we must watch for signs of sex. No one wants a male to slip in and ruin all your hard work. I see the topic pop up quite often asking if any one could tell the sex. Hopefully this will help you out a little. I purchased some regular DP seeds off of this amazing site I❤GM, knowing what might be the outcome. Was mostly looking for a sativa that thrived in the ground and hot summer weather. Today is day 90 from germination and the pre flowering stage has begun. Been checking for days now and finally we have a clear set of siblings. The first picture is of a male. Pollen sacks very noticeable

Now we have the female in pre flower

I’ll let him have this one more night rest, before we chop him down.
Maybe this helped some of you out. Answered questions about a random bag seed growing. Take care happy growing


Looks like a male to me, but I would wait for others to chime in @bruinsfan33 and second one looks female



@ktreez420 that exactly what he was saying lol
Lay off the dabs hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
@bruinsfan33 I think you did a good thing here my friend posting this for the newbies to see should help out many people
Well done brother :+1:
I’m getting some Durban poison as well ordering this weekend :+1:
:v: :cowboy_hat_face: CB


Good pictures. And yes good for newbies :blush:


hahahahah John! Never!! @Countryboyjvd1971



I didn’t really expect you to @ktreez420


Very helpful @bruinsfan33
Thanks for the great pix!

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