Male or female? Fem seeds but think they're Male

Growing strawberry kush fem seeds from this site. Got 4 of these following right now. Noticed this on one of my plants so threw it out the other day thinking it was a Male, but now noticed all 3 strawberry kush look like this. Since they were supposed to be fem seeds, figured i’d check that it wasn’t just how this stain looks before throwing away all of them.


Your plant is starting to flower. It’s a lady.


Thank you. Got 6 stains going and all the rest are ready or days from harvest, so was worried these looked so different. They must take a lot longer to flower.


Maybe more sativa dominant strain?

she looks very sativa dominant.!
this strain may take 12-18 weeks of 12/12 to mature.

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What are you using for lights?

They claim 75/25 indica dominant and 55 day flowering time. Doesn’t seem like it.

Lights are custom. They’re standard T8 lights which I’ve added several rows of red and blue leds to

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