Major problems…

Hello everyone
I haven’t posted anything in a little while and everything was going good until a out of nowhere a severe storm came through and I couldn’t get all my plants inside. One of my plants suffered a major injury and I’m wondering if it can be saved. One of the main cola’s where I topped it split pretty bad. I had something similar happened to me last year and I was able to put in a crutch and tied it, like putting a broken arm in a cast and the plant healed itself. I’m hoping for the best, but I know it’s bad. So I’m just wondering what I might be able to do to help my situation.


Sorry to hear your plant took a beating in a storm. You did the right thing by pulling it back together, and securing it. In time it will heal. These plants are pretty resilient :pray:


If you can get a lil honey or aloe on the split it will help it heal a bit quicker.
I’ve used the honey numerous times with a broken branch actually my preferred method.
Wire ties ( plastic zip ties ) hold the branch a bit tighter too. :wink:
I use them.
I find the plant tie loosens up with a bit of wind so switched to the wire ties for bad breaks.
Just be aware that if you do use zip ties they’ll have to be removed later as they will cut into the stem / stalk as the plant grows. They can pinch off the flow to the branch if left on too long.

Looks like that branch lost its suction for a bit.
It may or may not come back depending how long it was laying down.
Just keep an eye on it as suggested above.
Prob take a few days to know for sure.
Good luck.


Hi there. Same thing has happened. Honey or aloe vera on break. Tape with electrical tape or the white plumber tape, they will stretch with plant. good luck


Like the others have said, honey and tape. I prefer athletic tape. It offers some stretch as the branches heal, and then a knuckle forms at the break.


Bummer. If a photo you are golden even if lose it at the break. Auto just stunt. I have broken a few…dropped a big light on 2 auto once. Half a mile of tape later they managed to finish. Soldier on.


Hi everyone ew to the forum, not sure what is going on with my outside plant in Florida, I keep finding brown little hard shell bugs and Souter mites, but I do not believe I am ready to harvest just yet, Most important I might have bud rot, can someone please assist me?
Thank you in Advance

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Sorry meant to say new to the forum and spider mites!

Jack’s dead bug spray. need pic of suspect bud rot. Get close and personal shots

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:

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Welcome @Krollinson48 , glad to have you aboard.
Bud rot is the worst. Like Beachglass says a nice clear pic of the suspected rot will help.
I will try to find an example.

Edit: Here is an example of rot.

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