Main stem broke off

Broke the main stem off with plant twisty ties overnight and I because I’m stupid stupid is there anything that I can do for it

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Got a picture to see the damage?

No biggie, you basically just topped your plant. Now it will make two tops.

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Three days into 12/12

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Clone it if you can. It may not make it but if it does you got another plant.


At this point your only choice is to graft it, but you’ve switched to flower already and it looks like the break is starting to heal., so you can try and “clone” the whole main or cut off those branches and get a few strikes from her., while still trying to “clone” the main…


I would doctor where the stem broke off with some honey. I had a blueberry that kept streatching into my light, so I cut the top to stop. Put a dab of honey on, and it’s fine! It’s about a week from harvest, and it is doing great.


Did the honey i know tge plant will survive just sucks cuz i was major mistake free up to now


Get some of these…it probably won’t be your last time doing this. Honey or aloe and just clamp back together.



Little longer veg time added thats all no biggie!!

Already flipped