Made a plant shelf. Makes watering so easy now

I have had surgeries and need more. So watering for me use to be a 4-5 hr. project. Having to pick up the plants drain the pans and such bending over to water or tend to the plants was just painful. So I had an idea, 3- 8’ 2x4, handful screws, hog wire, and staples. It was just extra scraps I had outside under the porch. So this is how it turned out.

Took about and 1-1/2 hrs. to make. The plants are now off the ground and so much easier for me.I watered today and it took me an hour and a half, that’s mixing, adjusting, watering, letting them run off good, checking run off, documenting and cleanup.


That’s quite the garden.


Awesome job. Looks great.


I love it great idea hope you go to mind if I steal your idea it’s brilliant :wink:


You go girl… lovin it… work smart , not hard…:wink:



Great idea!!!

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Thanks so much everyone. Every morning when I get up, first thing I do is check them babies. Then after they go to bed, :sunglasses: I look at their pictures…OMG, I have an addiction!
I plan on elevating my scrog the same way. And of course I adjusted my lights to the new height.


Brilliant. Oh by the way. WOW that’s slot of medicine