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I inquired to Impello Bio. regarding the Lumina Product that lots of us recently purchased with their BOGO deal. Their website is a vague is it can be on the use and benefits, so here is what they sent me, enjoy.


Got a big bottle of it coming so will give it a try, probably start on the low dosage side of 10ml/gal once a week.


I just got mine this afternoon, was just gonna go boost the 6 reg. babies I have going and maybe my lemon trees, avocado and rosemary.


Thanks, the website is a little vague :+1:The information provided to you sounds good.


Thanks @Pet_de_Chien - I’m looking forward to getting it now. I already enjoy the Tribus :v: Compounding effect sounds good to me.


Mine is on the way. It’ll be a Lumina party!


Mine will be delivered on Friday :slight_smile:


Hate to point it out. But besides the wood ash (potash). Any peptide would do work. For a lot less. as a peptide is only 50+ linked amino acid proteins. always cheaper to mix from dry. And seriously. “Soluble potash” is wood ash

So it costs twice as much to get vastly less. Personally wouldn’t pay for Lumina.


Don’t hate to point it out, if you have better info on a better product for less $$, we all benefit. I’m gonna do some digging on that product you posted, as should others, now I’m curious even though I only applied the Lumina once on various plant species, so I’ve no visible results to offer counter.

And there are a sh!t ton of sources of Soluble Potash, some with way way more trace minerals in them, i.e. Kelp Meal, so that statement is only partially fact.

I Like the benefits I am getting from Tribus so, this was basically a freebie a no-brainer purchase. I posted the above as it was not available on their website tech docs for some reason.


I only consider the origin of the word.


Exactly “Potassium-bearing minerals or compounds” so that’s pretty much endless.

So, assuming now that you have used the product which is similar in intent. What Benefits are you seeing? opposed to prior to using? I think we all know that Amino acids are vital building blocks for utilizing proteins in humans, amongst others things strong cell wall development, metabolites etc., So, what benefits are you seeing in your plants, vigorous growth, uptake of nutes, stress/pest reduction etc. The one I’m most curious about, healthier more robust Rhizo activity, survival and replication.


I haven’t tried it. But on paper it’s very similar to lumina and astronomically cheaper. Honestly if I where to go that route. Which I may. I’d not choose either product listed thus far. Id go with this.

Because this gives the peptides as is the discussion. But also adds in fulvic and humic. Which I’m also not currently using. So it kills a few birds with one stone. Also has rhizo bacteria to help maintain your rhizosphere. Plus myco. Which is rhizo fungi.


UltraBio soluble powder is the finest, most comprehensive bio-inoculant available.

Genus Bacillus (46 Species)
Genus Psuedomonas (6 Species)
Genus Streptomycetes (7 Species)
Genus Trichoderma (6 Species)
Endomycorrhizal Fungi (4 Species)
Ectomycorrhizal Fungi (7 Species)

Organic Nitrogen…5% water soluble
Derived from Soy Protein Hydrolysate
Containing 18 Amino Acids and Peptides

Humic Acid…27%
Fulvic Acid…11%
Derived from Leonardite
Endomycorrhizal Fungi:
Glomus Mossae, 1,133 propagules per lb
Glomus Intraradices 1,133 propagules per lb
Glomus Fasciculatum 1,133 propagules per lb
Glomus Clarium 565 propagules per lb
Glomus Monosporum 565 propagules per lb
Microaggregatrim 565 propagules per lb
Ectomycorrhizal Fungi:
Rhizopogon Tinctorius 11,250 spores per gram
Rhizopogon Villosulles 625 spores per gram
Rhizopogon Luteolus 625 spores per gram
Rhizopogon Amyylopogon 625 spores per gram
Rhizopogon Fulvigleba 625 spores per gram
Rhizbial Microorganisms:
Bacillus Subtilis 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus Licheniformis 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus Firmus 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus Megaterium 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus Pumulis 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus Coagulans 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Peanibacillus Polymyxa 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Paenibacillus Durum 12,500,000 CFU per gram
Pseudomonas Putida 2,500,000 CFU per gram
Pseudomonas Fluorescens 2,500,000 CFU per gram
Streptomyces Lydicus 2,500,000 CFU per gram
Streptomyces Griseus 2,500,000 CFU per gram
Trichoderma Reesei 2,500,000 CFU per gram
Trichoderma Harzianum 2,500,000 CFU per gram

Store in a dry place at temperatures between 40 degrees F and 80 degrees F. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not eat. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

I like the biodiversity in that mix. Maybe when I burn through the Various Products I’m already using to build diversity…If you use this mix, please report back. Got great feedback on another one from Hoppiefrog I wanna try, I cant recall the name.

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I look at it as I didn’t pay for it, got Tribus for half price (that I’d be buying anyway) and the Lumina thrown in free basically, hard to beat that deal.


Jacks - (JR Peters Guys) Interviewing Mike Key - Impello on Jacks/Tribus usage.

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Those of us in autopots or hydro can’t use the products with humics unfortunately due to clogging issues.

Good discussion wish I had more to add.

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