LST in progress because she got tall,

Well started with just trying to make fence taller but she didnt like that and said " fine I’ll go taller". Lol so started some LST about 3 weeks ago. Had to tie middle down yesterday since it got up to 10 feet as well. So now im getting a big canopy, kinda cool i think. Heres a pic

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Go slow…watch the base and things should go well.

The base of the plant or base of the branch?

Base of the branch all the rain we have been having a lot of outdoor growers are loosing branches left and right

Oh well i haven’t had a drop of rain yet so its not an issue yet.

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Update: still coming along just fine i think!


their looking good

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Thanks she is only one plant tho lol

Even thicker now

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They are looking good

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they’re getting fat! Happy grower here lol


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