LSD to gummies = good

Grew LSD turned it into sugar then i made some yummy gummies. who likes gummies?. Way better than making gummies with oil.


Awesome! Check out @blackthumbbetty’s threads. She is the edibles master 'round here.

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That looks amazing! Whats your recipe?

They do not melt and they’re shelf stable.
30 g gelatin
Half cup cannabis sugar
Quarter cup water
Third cup water

Add gelatin to third cup water. Let it sit for 10 minutes

Add sugar to quarter cup water. Bring to boil, reduce heat, cook until turns the syrup. Add gelatin. Cook for 1 minute. Pour into molds. This recipe is way better than using oils. No need for additives to help bond oil and no funky coconut oil taste. After they’re finished cool one hour then I let them sit 24 hours out in the open and then I coat them with sugar. If you coat them with sugar too fast, the sugar will make them get all funky. Overall, it’s like 15 minutes of cooking. You can adjust the gelatin to the consistency you like. I’ve made them all the way down to 18 grams of gelatin and all the way up to 30. Make a batch of gummy bears with regular sugar so you can get your flavor and coloring down. I like strawberry

If you don’t know how to make cannabis sugar, watch videos on YouTube but it’s basically cannabis and everclear. I made this batch with no equipment. I decarbed my cannabis added everclear and put it in the freezer for 4 days. Strained it l down to a coffee filter because I don’t like plant particles. One cup of infused everclear to two cups sugar cook in oven 190° leave door cracked stir every 10 minutes until completely dry. Once it’s completely dry I put it in a blender. Chop up all the chunks.
This way cost more to make gummies but the taste is 10,000% better than oil in my opinion

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